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The shipping industry has long faced a challenge in training marine service technicians. There are many training centers around the world that can teach land-based elevator technicians. On the other side, there has not been a dedicated training center for marine elevator specialists. Recognizing this gap in the market, we founded Mr. Marine Academy.

At Mr. Marine Academy, we understand the importance of formal, workplace-oriented training in order to reach the top of any industry. That is the reason why we have made it our mission to equip staff and technicians with specific knowledge of all the on-board components we service. This includes not only all brands of marine elevators, but also ballast water systems and all types of marine equipment and spares.

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We are proud to offer our global expertise to technicians around the world. We offer training through a combination of online, on-the-job and in-classroom instruction. With online access to our ever-growing database of elevators, ballast water treatment systems and marine spares, we are able to provide an efficient and comprehensive training service.

Our goal at Mr. Marine Academy is to ensure that marine service technicians have the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their field. With our specialized training, we hope to contribute to the overall success of the shipping industry. So, we are dedicated to providing the best training for marine elevator technicians to ensure the safety of ships and people on board.

We share our global expertise with technicians around the world. We do so online, on the job, and in the classroom. Online access to our ever growing database of elevators, ballast water treatment systems, and marine spares is essential in providing our efficient training service.

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Mr. Marine Academy also offers customers upskilling of technical staff on board of vessels.

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