Marine Elevator Spare Parts

Do any components of your marine elevators have to be replaced? You needn’t worry. We can provide genuine, OEM or aftermarket spare parts and guide you through the entire process, from choosing the right option to seeing it running smoothly again.
marine elevator spare parts
Marine Elevator Spare Parts

Quality Marine Elevator Spares

In case of breakdowns, urgently supplying critical spare parts for your marine elevators is essential. Mr. Marine Elevator assists you with elevator spare parts from all major brands out of our stock in 5 warehouses: Shanghai, Chennai, Singapore, Rotterdam and Panama. 

Genuine, OEM or after-market marine elevator spares? The options can be confusing, so what are the differences?   

Genuine spare parts 

Genuine spare parts refer to parts bought from the manufacturer of the elevator. The elevator manufacturers do not make elevator parts themselves; they have components made by others in low-cost countries (brakes, guide shoes, ropes, etc.) or they buy them from the large specialised EU manufacturing facilities (doors, traction machines, controllers).

Genuine parts are generally accurate but they are sold by elevator manufacturers with a significant markup compared to buying OEM parts. Note that genuine spare parts are not necessarily of better quality than OEM spare parts.  

Mr. Marine Elevator sources genuine spare parts from the makers based on customers’ requests; the spares are marked with the OEM brand name to prove that these are the identical parts that the equipment manufacturer uses.

Your advantage: we can often buy genuine spare parts at a lower price because of our bulk orders. We pass the savings on to you.

OEM Elevator Spares

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts refer to parts that are produced and sold by specialised manufacturers that develop and create the parts you are buying. Elevator makers buy the spare parts from the same OEM makers.  

OEM parts are the same exact parts that are installed in your equipment. The only difference is that it does not come with the Equipment Maker logo and their part number. So they are the exact same as genuine parts, but with better value.

As mentioned above, OEMs (elevator makers) buy parts from other manufacturers too; we call these manufacturers “genuine makers” and refer to the parts as “genuine parts”. So genuine parts are 100% the same as the OEM part, but they do not have the OEM sticker; only the genuine maker’s brand name.

Your advantage: You get exactly the same quality but at a much lower price.

Aftermarket Marine Spares (or OEM-equivalent) 

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts made according to the elevator maker’s specs. Owners often use these parts for non-critical components on board or when OEM parts are no longer available.

The only potential problem with aftermarket spare parts is quality. There are absolute top-quality aftermarket components on the market (even better than the original!), but also terrible ones that will ruin your main equipment.

So how to recognize good from bad? We have learned over many years how to spot the good ones. We learned by visiting factories, checking test reports, studying the tolerances used, verifying ISO-9001 certificates, confirming credentials, asking other users about their experiences, and sometimes by trial and error.

Today, after a lot of learning, we can guarantee high-quality products for much lower pricing.

Your advantage: When we state “Mr. Marine Spares tested and approved”, you can be sure the replacement part is safe to use, at a much lower price.

So which type of spare are you buying?

To prevent any misunderstanding when we quote, we mention in the material line of every quotation the type of spare which is being offered: OEM, Genuine or Aftermarket.

Not sure of the part?

Even if you don’t have the specifications of the elevator, we can identify the part you need. Simply email us  a clear photo showing the name plate and we will find the right part for you.

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