Ballast Water Treatment Spare Parts

At Mr. Marine Ballast, we provide genuine and original ballast water treatment spare parts to ensure the normal operation and regulatory compliance of your BWTS. We offer equipment solutions for all types of leading BWTS brands. Contact our team today!
Ballast Water Treatment Spare Parts

At Mr. Marine Ballast, we provide genuine and original ballast water treatment spare parts to ensure the normal operation and regulatory compliance of your system. We offer equipment solutions for any type of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) brand to efficiently meet your requirements. Our team will closely work with you to develop tailored solutions for your BWTS, reducing the transfer risk of invasive species.

In recent years, the BWTS regulations became stricter to preserve the maritime environment. Through the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) sets the guideline to reduce the environmental effects of ballast water discharge. These guidelines require vessels to install BWTS to remove or neutralize harmful organisms in the ballast water before it is discharged into the oceans. The objective is to prevent the transfer of damaging marine species to other locations. Therefore, ensuring appropriate ballast water management practices and that the BWTS onboard is functional allows the preservation of the marine environment.          

Mr. Marine Ballast can support you with the installation of the BWTS, and the supply of genuine and original spare parts from the most renowned makers of Ballast systems, such as Panasia, Wuxi BSKY, Erma First, Samsung and Hyde Marine. We ensure that your system functions optimally, providing you with accurate data and facilitating your compliance with industry rules.

Ballast Water Treatment Spare Parts

The availability and quality of spare parts are critical in maintaining and servicing a ballast water treatment system. The majority of BWTS spare parts are highly specific and can only be obtained from the original manufacturer from which the type approval was assigned. This is because the type approval certificate (TAC) for a ballast water management system (BWMS) indicates the specific dates between which a system must be manufactured and only equipment manufactured within those dates will remain compliant for the lifetime of the system, assuming it is operated and maintained in accordance with the listed Operation, Maintenance and Safety Manual (OMSM).

According to US Coast Guard regulations, the TAC expiration date indicates the dates between which a BWMS must be manufactured. A type-approved ballast water treatment system, which is manufactured within the TAC applicability dates, remains in compliance for the lifetime of the system, assuming it is operated and maintained in accordance with the listed OMSM. The TAC to which the BWMS was manufactured and approved should be stored onboard, regardless of the expiration date. The onboard TAC is only replaced upon modification of the BWMS to comply with a revised TAC.

Ballast Spare Parts Regulations 

Genuine spare parts are designed and manufactured specifically for the ballast water treatment system, ensuring compatibility and adherence to rigid quality standards. Non-genuine parts, on the other hand, might lack proper testing and approval, raising questions about their reliability. Using non-genuine spare parts in a ballast water treatment system can have serious safety and performance risks. 

These parts may not have been tested and approved to the same standards as genuine parts and may not be compatible with the specific types of ballast water treatment systems. This can lead to system malfunction, poor performance and even safety hazards. 

In addition, using non-genuine spare parts can put your ships at risk of non-compliance with regulations and even voiding the Type Approval Certificate, if an inspector uncovers such infringements. To ensure the safety, reliability, and compliance of the ballast water treatment system, it is important to select genuine spare parts provided by authorized suppliers.

Mr. Marine Ballast – Your Reliable Supplier for BWTS Spare Parts

To ensure that your ballast water treatment system remains compliant and operates safely and efficiently, it is essential to use genuine and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts. At Mr. Marine, we understand the importance of using genuine spare parts and offer a comprehensive range of spare parts globally for many leading brands of ballast water treatment systems and types, from UV to chemical (biocides) and ultrasonic energy systems. We maintain a large stock of genuine spare parts in our warehouses, so we can provide you with the parts you need quickly and efficiently.

If you need spare parts for your ballast water treatment system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with the genuine and OEM spare parts you need to keep your system in compliance and operating safely, including popular makers like Panasia, Hyde Marine, Samsung, Wuxi BSKY and Erma First. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, so you can be confident that your ship will remain compliant with international regulations and that your BWTS will operate effectively and efficiently.

We can also support you with other BWTS services and products. Mr. Marine Ballast technicians are available in 375+ global ports to service your BWTS system and ensure it is in good working power. Our expertise and experience of over 20 years in the maritime industry emphasize our reliability and professionalism. Contact our team or fill in the form below and we will revert with an offer.


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