Code Of Conduct

Mr. Marine is a leading worldwide maritime service and parts provider, with technicians in over 130 ports around the world. Being an international brand, Mr. Marine has the responsibility to perform business at an internationally recognised level of ethical conduct. 

It is a priority that the Company, staff, vendors and technicians all operate in compliant and ethical manners that honour our corporate values. Mr. Marine has clearly defined the corporate values, and the employees are aware that all their actions for the Company are to represent and honour these actions with every task performed. 

Like any worldwide industry, there are cases of bribery and corruption in the maritime industry. Mr. Marine is aware of this and vehemently fights against all such illegal practices. The company cooperates with international and business laws worldwide to ensure that all activities are ethical, legal, and conform to the Company’s corporate values. Should a case arise where motives or activities are questionable, the Company has strict reporting and management procedures in place to deal with such activities. 

Mr. Marine ensures the Code of Conduct is a corporate document that is constantly updated with the industry standards, regulations, international laws, and company values. 

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Mr. Marine’s Values:

At Mr. Marine, we care. We care about our people, about the team, about our customers, about the environment and about performance.

We care about our people

  • We put safety first by taking care of the people around us and by following the rules.
  • We have lives. We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment where there is respect for each individual.
  • We are an inclusive company. We believe in equality, regardless of gender, race, age, nationality or religion.
  • We love positive energy in the company. Happy people will be better at delivering value to the customer. We like to be around happy, motivated, and positive people. We believe in having fun in and out of work.
  • We take everybody seriously. We understand that communication starts by listening, understanding different perspectives, and caring about the success of others. We actively listen with humility and respect.
  • We are committed to the growth of our people. We offer a supportive environment of continuous development where you can do, and become, your best. We expect our people to actively take responsibility for their own self-development. We offer a supportive coaching environment.

We care about the team

  • We are a team. That means we show up for each other, act with empathy, and have an open environment where we share information transparently in a respectful manner. While there is always a time and place to celebrate individual accomplishments, no single person is bigger than the team.
  • We make sure our team feels appreciated and valued. We take the time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so that we don’t miss how impressive the climb is.
  • We take nothing for granted. There are always challenges that lie ahead and nothing in life is a certainty. It is important to stay humble, carry ourselves with a quiet confidence, and treat others the same way that we want to be treated.

We care about our customers

  • We put customers first. We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers.
  • We earn the preference of our customers by relentlessly focusing on delivering the best customer service. We understand their business. We think out of the box, and we are going out of our way to find solutions to their problems.
  • We turn our customers into fans because we take care of our customers. We provide excellent after sales service, and we grow our business with each customer because of the end-to-end feel good experience we deliver.

We care about the environment

  • We are committed to doing business in ways that are good for people and planet.
  • We strive towards zero waste, zero paper and zero emissions.
  • We are conscious about giving back to our community. We organize regular “fun” fundraising activities to support charities.

We care about performance

  • We are competitive and we play to win.
  • We deliver on our promises and we exceed expectations. When we make a commitment we keep it.
  • We pay attention to detail, and we believe in getting things right the first time
  • We are responsive and we maintain fast turnaround times.
  • We learn and improve every day. We are curious and eager to learn from our mistakes. We share it when we shine so that we all benefit from knowing how. Our Mr. Marine Academy is an outstanding training platform that helps us to be the best in the markets in which we operate.


Raising concerns

Mr. Marine has clear and set procedures in place for someone to raise concerns about an employee, vendor, or technicians questionable conduct. 

The Company encourages employees to approach the management team first, however for technicians and vendors especially, this is not always possible. Therefore Mr. Marine has created a Human Resources team dedicated to managing the concerns raised from anyone associated with the Company via email or phone.

Once a concern has been raised, the relevant department will thoroughly investigate all those involved in the claim. At the same time, the person or persons who raised the claim will be protected to ensure there is no retaliation against said party. The investigating team will be objective, prompt and thorough while looking into the case. Once the investigation has identified a culprit, appropriate disciplinary or corrective action will be taken.

In addition to receiving and investigating claims, the Mr. Marine Human Resources department will perform regular audits to ensure all staff, vendors and technicians are complying with the Mr. Marine Code of Conduct, and living the corporate values. Should the team find anything suspicious, they have full authority to investigate further and present their findings to the relevant parties. 


Mr. Marine customers

With the international presence of the Company, the Company understands that each customer and each country has different laws and regulations to respect. Mr. Marine has a responsibility to treat all customers with an equal level of integrity, and to ensure all work performed in legal and complaint. Customers can be assured that the way Mr. Marine conducts business in one country will not differ to any other country the Company is operational in. The Company has a strict Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy that provides a strict guideline on how to conduct business ethically. Mr. Marine is confident that the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Codes will meet or exceed customer expectations and their own codes. 

Mr. Marine commits to acting in an operationally transparent manner, and to providing customers with feedback as quickly as possible, at any time of any day. The Company employs third-party contractors to help perform work worldwide, and as such, these third-party contractors are expected to follow the same Code of Conduct that the internal employees follow. If the contractors refuse or cannot adhere to the Code of COnduct, they will be duly removed from the list of contractors, and someone who accepts the Mr. Marine policies will be contractually used in their place. 


Mr. Marine employees

Mr. Marine commits to equality of opportunity for all employees, regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual identity, religion, etc. All employees will be treated equally and expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct as well as the Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy. Should an employee not accept these policies or be able to act in a way that they prescribe, they will be treated with a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance. The rules, policies, business ethics are the same for all, regardless of level, and are enforced consistently. 

One of Mr. Marine’s values is: We Care About Our People – We put safety first by taking care of the people around us and by following the rules. We are committed to the growth of our people. We offer a supportive environment of continuous development where you can do, and become, your best. We expect our people to actively take responsibility for their own self-development. We offer a supportive coaching environment. The Company is committed to seeing it’s staff grow in their professional development. 

Mr. Marine focuses on safety  – safety of employees and technicians, as well as the safety of or customers at sea. The Company commits to ensure that all employees are properly trained, and workspaces are free from sexual harassment, unequal opportunities, alcohol and drug free, and free from abuse. Mr. Marine strives to make all employees feel safe and as happy as possible. 

As Mr. Marine works with many third-party providers, as well as permanent staff, to ensure that all work gets done optimally on board and in the office, it is the Company’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant background checks have been performed on contractors and third-party providers. The information discovered on these checks will remain confidential, but anyone who raises concerns will be dealt with, accordingly. 



Mr. Marine commits to competing fairly for business, without restricting competition. The Company will conform to international as well as country-specific trading and competition laws. Should the Company obtain any competitor information, they will declare this knowledge to the relevant parties involved. 



Mr. Marine cares about the oceans, and the impact our work has on the environment. The Company strives for cleaner oceans, worldwide. The Company, therefore, commits to minimize pollution, control waste, and recycle materials where possible, to ensure the impact to our oceans from our operations are kept to a minimum. The Company strives to use renewable resources where possible, and holds regular environmental-impact reduction initiatives.

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