Balustrade Requirements

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marine elevators balustrade requirements
Balustrade Requirements

What is a balustrade on a marine elevator?

The Balustrade on a marine elevator provides a physical barrier to protect personnel from falling from the front side or rear side of the car while working on the car top.


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How safe are the balustrades on your marine elevators?

Increased safety requirements for passengers and service personnel are at the heart of the Lift Standards EN 81-20. Balustrades on elevator car roof need to comply to stricter strength and height requirements. The new requirements aim at reducing the risk of technicians and service personnel falling into the shaft while performing inspection and maintenance on the elevator car roof.  

As far as balustrades go, are your marine elevators compliant?

When the distance between the inner edge of the balustrade handrail and the shaft wall is 0,5 m or less, the balustrade must have a minimum height of 0,7 m. When the distance exceeds 0,5 m the balustrade must have a minimum height of 1,1 m.

Previously, the balustrade did not have specified strength requirements. With the new requirements of EN-81-20, it must be able to withstand a force of 1 kN without elastic deformation greater than 50 mm.

Are your balustrades up to standard?

Learn more about lifts on ships safety requirements of EN81-20.

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