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Marine elevators, just as any other type of mechanical systems, are sometimes prone to defects and failures in their components. More often than not, such events occur when no regular maintenance and servicing is being performed on the equipment, or when the maintenance is not done in a proper manner. In worst case scenarios, these flaws can lead to elevator accidents that further cause personal injury to the crew of the vessel. Although these accidents are not very common, they usually result in serious injuries for the crew member who was unfortunate enough, and in disastrous consequences for the business who manages and operates the vessel. The company will always be held liable and responsible for the mishappening. Known as accident liability, the policy in most countries states that firms should be proactive in repairing and servicing equipment to ensure their safe functionality, especially when the respective equipment is used by individuals in their daily operations.


So, marine elevators are no exception to the general rule. If accidents occur, for instance, when the service was not correctly carried out or when the crew removed safety lines of defective equipment to make it work again, the company will be held liable due to negligence. First of all, even though the firm might have liability insurance, it would likely not cover any of the costs implied by the accident, and the reason which insurance companies will invoke will usually be “negligence”. Furthermore, typically the employee who suffered any personal injury from a workplace accident is bound by law and policy to receive compensation from their employer when negligence on the company’s part was present. 

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Considering all of these aspects, it is incredibly important for owners of vessels with elevators to invest in proper servicing and maintenance of the machinery. This is where Mr. Marine intervenes as your reliable partner to ensure you never have to worry about being held responsible for accidents. With us, you will never hear about liability or liability insurance and elevator in the same phrase. Our highly qualitative work combined with the tremendous experience and knowledge of our engineers will keep your marine elevators in check for a long time, given regular maintenance and servicing if faults happen. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients and to inspect their elevators regularly, always making sure they function perfectly so the crew can go on about their tasks with nothing extra to worry about.

It is worthy mentioning that there is no prerequisite or condition that companies must have service or repair work performed on their marine elevators by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. However, it is advisable to use the services of a professional company with a proven track record of successful elevator jobs. Mr. Marine is the expert in the field of marine elevators, with a global reputation and local presence in numerous ports. There are no clear standards for marine elevator service companies either; land-based elevator companies are required to comply with set standards and codes. At Mr. Marine, we choose to follow land-based elevator rules.

The following requirements apply to elevator service companies, which we also adhere to:

  • The elevator owner (not the maker) must give permission for the service company to work on an elevator
  • Technicians need to be competent and formally trained
  • The service company must be ISO 9001 certified
  • The service company must have clear safety instructions and support for technicians
  • Maintenance instructions in the elevator manual to be followed strictly
  • Flag State certifications and rules must be followed
  • The service company must have method statements and risk assessment documents for each maintenance activity.


To provide our customers with extra peace of mind, we have added some additional marine standards to the set requirements:

  • Formalised business processes (ISO 9001)
  • Work according to ISO 8383 and NEN-EN-81/1
  • Liability insurance covering the world including USA/Canada for vessels and offshore platforms, up to Euro 3,5 million per incident
  • All technicians must have a nationally recognised diploma in servicing elevators or at least 10 years of experience in the field
  • All technicians must have a nationally recognised safety passport
  • NOGEPA, OPITO and/or HUET diplomas are required for offshore work.

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