Tank Level Monitoring

Tank level monitoring ensures safe operations, efficient cargo management, environmental and vessel protection and regulatory compliance. Mr. Marine expert technicians can install, commission, calibrate, and service any brand of tank level monitoring system. Your next service is at a click distance!
Tank Level Monitoring

One of the services of utmost importance for your vessel offered by Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls is tank level monitoring. Tank level monitoring or tank level gauging refers to the measurement of liquids stored in large tanks in order to determine the volume of the product. 

In the maritime industry, the applications of this measurement procedure are predominantly for assessing the liquid level in: 

  • ballast tanks 
  • cargo tanks (used for carrying liquid such as oil, chemicals or liquefied gasses)
  • fuel tanks, e.g. heavy fuel oil tanks (H.F.O), marine diesel oil tanks (MDO) and marine gas oil tanks (MGO)
  • freshwater tanks


Each type of tank demands a specific level gauging system tailored to its purpose. Our skilled technicians are trained to work with most of the different types of tank gauging systems used in the maritime field, as well as the most popular makers which include Kingspan (e.g. the Watchman line), Honeywell, Panasia, MMC, Valcom.

Why use tank gauging systems?

Tank level monitors are crucial for any operating vessel due to its various benefits. Using them favorably in the marine field ensures safe operations, efficient cargo management, protection of the environment and of the vessel and compliance with rules and regulations. Furthermore, the conveyed information can be used for an optimal planning of refueling activities or maintaining vessel stability. In consequence, their reliability and accuracy made tank monitoring systems a requirement for modern vessels. 

Furthermore, the effective monitoring of tank levels is important for ensuring smooth operations, preventing spills and maintaining safety standards. Whether it’s a fuel tank, oil vat, or water storage tank, accurate monitoring of tank contents is essential. To achieve this, various technologies such as level sensors, temperature gauges, and remote access systems are employed. Worthy of mentioning, level sensors play a vital role in tank level monitoring, enabling real-time data collection and analysis. These sensors are designed to detect and measure the level of substances in a tank, including oil, water, and other liquids. By utilizing different measurement principles such as ultrasonic, pressure, or capacitive sensing, level sensors provide accurate readings of the tank’s contents. These sensors are available in a wide range of designs and configurations to suit various tank types and applications.

Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls will ensure the level gauging system on your vessel is running seamlessly and with excellent precision, all while respecting the official regulations.

What are the types of tank gauging systems?

Several technologies are employed for tank level gauging in the marine sector. These include:

  • Float Gauges: Float-based systems use a float that rises or falls with the liquid level, providing a visual indication or electronic signal.
  • Pressure Transmitters: These systems use pressure sensors to measure the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the tank, which is proportional to the liquid level.
  • Radar Gauges: Radar-based systems utilize microwave radar signals to determine the liquid level by measuring the time it takes for the signal to bounce back from the liquid surface.
  • Ultrasonic Gauges: Ultrasonic sensors transmit sound waves that bounce off the liquid surface and are received back to calculate the level.
  • Capacitance Gauges: Capacitance-based systems measure the change in capacitance between two electrodes as the liquid level changes.

Tank level monitoring services offered by Mr. Marine


Mr. Marine’s team of highly trained technicians will help with selecting the appropriate type of level gauging equipment, based on the specific needs of your vessel, such as the types of tanks used and other cargo requirements. Further factors that our experts will take into consideration are the type of measurement technology, compatibility with the already existing systems onboard of your vessel and compliance with the maritime regulations. 


Calibration is one of the most important steps to guarantee your tank level measurements will be accurately and optimally executed. Our experienced technicians will tend to the whole calibration process with the ultimate goal of providing precise readings corresponding to known liquid levels. This objective will be achieved by

configuring the system parameters, adjusting the sensor calibration settings and validating the accuracy of the measurements against a reference standard. Additionally, Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls is able to skillfully calibrate any brand of tank level gauging systems, including popular manufacturers like Kingspan (e.g. the Watchman line), Honeywell, Panasia, MMC, Valcom.

Testing and commissioning

After the installation and calibration phase, testing and commissioning usually follows to verify the proper functioning of the tank level gauging system. Mr. Marine’s team of expert technicians will attend to testing the sensors, verifying data accuracy, checking alarm functions and conducting system performance tests under different operating conditions.

Automation and integration

Most modern tank monitoring systems are directly integrated with the automation and control systems of the vessel. Consequently, real-time monitoring, data logging and remote access to the tank level information can be easily facilitated, promoting a smooth and consistent process that the crew can entail. Our team of experts will assure that the level gauging system on your vessel is completely automated and integrated with the control system.


Crew members responsible for operating and maintaining the tank monitoring system need to receive adequate training on its usage, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures. Mr. Marine will assure the crew members of your vessel are properly trained and have obtained all the necessary information in order to be able to optimally operate with level gauging systems. 

Brands of tank level gauging systems that Mr. Marine services

Our portfolio of level monitoring systems brands consists of the most popular and dependable contemporary manufacturers, such as: Kingspan (e.g. the Watchman line), Honeywell, Panasia, MMC, Valcom. View our product page to consult our current offer and see what best suits your vessels.

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