Services Contracts

Do you want to live with peace of mind when it comes to your marine elevators? Look no further. Through a service contract with Mr. Marine Elevator, we will take care of the certification, calibration, periodical inspections, maintenance, servicing and repairs.
marine elevator service contract
Services Contracts

Do you want to save on your costs for service on your fleet’s elevators? With our maintenance programs we guarantee proper periodical adjustments and calibration of the equipment. The program will help prevent breakdowns and guarantee high uptime of your marine elevators.

For fleet owners who want absolute peace of mind about the functioning of their marine elevators, Mr. Marine Elevator offers the ideal solution: service contracts. Regular, scheduled servicing can substantially reduce the operational cost of your elevators, increase the uptime, improve the safety level and save you a lot of headaches.

Mr. Marine Elevator offers three types of service contracts

Full Service
Semi Full


One certification every 12 months, including a load test every fifth year


Regular check-up, perform adjustments like landing height, closing of doors, etc.

Spare parts

All main wear and tear replacement parts (cables, motor, gearbox, etc.)


Travel time to your vessel, incl. overnight accommodation and meals on board (if needed).

To assure you of the safety and efficiency of your marine elevators, our qualified technicians will perform a thorough survey at the beginning of the service contract:

  • Check-up of general working order of the marine elevators
  • Check all individual parts, functioning and wear; an estimation is made of replacement intervals
  • Record of details such as serial numbers and brands
  • Copies of service books, manuals and certificates (for future reference).

We will track service intervals, annual safety inspections, parts replacement and certifications needed. Wherever you are in the world, you can consult with our technicians about any of your elevators.


You can also find and submit your service request to Mr. Marine Elevator on:

ShipServ: TN-71463 – MR Elevator

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