Rules and Regulations

Mr. Marine Elevator is fully compliant with all the rules and regulations set forth by the competent authorities regarding marine elevators. Book your next service with us to benefit from qualified and certified assistance.
marine elevators rules and regulations
Rules and Regulations

What are the rules and regulations for marine elevators?

With reference to marine elevators, the applicable rules and regulations are the following:

  1. The European Committee for Standardisation released EN-81-20 in 2014, a new Safety Standard for the construction of lifts and for the testing of lift components. EN-81-20 is compulsory from 1 September 2017.
  2. EN 81-20 defines the technical requirements for the construction of elevators and for the testing of lift components, bringing benefits in terms of safety and accessibility for both passengers and service technicians.
  3. EN 81-80 stipulates rules for the improvement of the safety of existing passenger and goods passenger elevators.
  4. EN-13015 deals with “maintenance for lifts and escalators”. It governs the rules for maintenance instructions.
  5. ISO 8383 lays down requirements for design, installation and inspection. It is necessary to ensure compliance with such statutory requirements, rules and regulations as they may be applicable to any individual ship, as well as with lift safety codes.

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Qualified and authorized marine elevator technicians according to international rules and regulations 

The technicians working for Mr. Marine Elevator have to meet our competency criteria, which include a proven track record of 10 years in the elevator business and must have passed all compulsory national elevator exams. Technicians and field engineers are screened to match the required experience, skill sets, and qualifications.

Qualified to service all brands

In order to guarantee safety and comply with modern standards, every technician working for Mr. Marine Elevator is fully qualified and certified to perform service work, repairs, troubleshooting, installations and annual safety inspections on all brands of marine elevators.

We comply with the following standards: EN-81-20, EN-81-80, EN-13015, and ISO 8383 “Lifts on Ships”.

We also meet all Flag States and Class Society requirements. Brands include Hyundai Marine Elevator, Ushio Reinetsu, Kone Marine, Dan Elevator, Schindler, Schindler KK, Shanghai Sanei, Nippon, Lutz Elevators, Otis, ThyssenKrupp, BKG, Desheng Mico, Enor and Mitsubishi). Mr. Marine Elevator has strategic partnerships with these marine elevator makers: Ushio Reinetsu, SMERI, DNDT, and Desheng Mico.

ISO 9001 audited and certified

Mr. Marine has implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system. Our organization has been audited, with our Quality Management System evaluated to be appropriate and effective, proving that our processes are sound and our organisation meets all the requirements.

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