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Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls is your reliable TIC partner for a comprehensive range of marine electromechanical equipment. Visit our individual pages to find out more about what specific marine control services we offer for different types of systems and products.
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Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls is your reliable partner to install, calibrate, certify, repair and maintain the following product categories:


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls offers a comprehensive range of integrated Monitoring, Alarming, Control and Protection Systems to ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime operations. With a focus on precision and reliability, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and support services to keep your vessels and activities running smoothly and in compliance with the marine industry standards. Explore our products and offerings:

› Boiler Protection

Fixed Gas Detection

Fire Detection

› Inert Gas Analyzers

› Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System

› Oil Mist Detection

Portable Gas Detection

› Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity, Flow and Level

Tank Level Monitoring

› Valves and Control


At Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls, we ensure that your vessel is safe and compliant through our Environmental Monitoring and Protection Systems. Our wide range of products help you to preserve a safe environment onboard while minimizing the negative effect of pollution. Together we can build a safe environment at sea!

› Ballast Water Treatment

Bilge 15 PPM Monitors

› NOx/02 Analyzing / Recording and Visualization

› Wash Water Monitoring System For Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

› Multi Gas Monitoring System For Exhaust Gas Emissions SO2/CO2

› SOx Scrubber Systems

Oil Discharge Monitoring

› Safe Bilge Overboard Security

› Smoke Density Monitors


Leveraging our specialized expertise, we are equipped to provide you with the ideal solutions for your Navigation and Communication Systems needs. Our approach is rooted in a technician’s perspective, allowing us to thoroughly assess your requirements and technical specifications. Whether it’s sourcing spare parts or delivering, installing, and maintaining complete systems, we provide the highest level of quality across all aspects of our marine control services.

› AID, Doppler Sonar, GMDSS

› Bridge Alert Management System

› Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)

› Conning System

› Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS)

› Radar, GPS, Speed Log, GPS, VAST, Echo Sounder

› Voyage Data Recorders (S)-VDR


At Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls, we provide an extensive array of Test and Calibration Equipment. These solutions span from individual tools to comprehensive calibration services. We offer single instruments, calibrators, and comprehensive Marine Calibration Kits that encompass all the essential test and calibration equipment to ensure compliance with Solas IX regulations. Our dedicated team is available to offer full calibration and certification services, both from our well-equipped in-house calibration workshop and through worldwide on-site calibration and certification support. Your safety and compliance management needs are our priority, ensuring the reliability of your equipment and adherence to industry regulations.

› Calibration / Test Gas

› Hand-Held Multi-Function Meters and Calibrators

Pressure Calibrators and Measurement

Temperature Calibrators and Temperature Hand-Held Thermometers

UTI Tape (Trimode Portable Gauging Tape)

Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls for Your Vessel

Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls multi-brand technicians are available in 375+ global ports 24/7 for marine control services. We are a total solution provider, who can test, inspect, calibrate, and certify any electromechanical equipment that you have onboard. Our team ensures that your vessel is safe and compliant anywhere in the world!

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