Technical Coordinator (Elevator Modernisation)


Responsible for:

  • Accepting elevator modernisation/mod-service requests;
  • As a technical coordinator, you plan the entire logistics side of a modernisation project: from project proposal to the delivery/installation of the equipment on the vessel.
  • Planning and managing Service Engineers and service partners for modernisation projects (actively liaise with the regional managers to share the resources);
  • Administrative registrations & maintaining records in our systems, in preparation and after completion of the projects;
  • Monitoring of the planning for the delivery of the ordered equipment;
  • Coordination of the logistics of the material’s shipment to the vessel/location where the project is carried out
  • Sales follow-up on modernisation proposals
  • Close coordination with Technical Project Lead and Technical Manager


Reporting to the Technical Manager



  • Work closely with the Technical Team, Vendors, and Field Service Engineers to process quotes and orders, coordinate travel, perform administrative customer relationship management, and other administrative and record-keeping support functions.
  • Perform SAP task management and required follow-ups, ensuring clear, detailed, and well-organised information is in SAP and other applications; including but not limited to history notes, customer & vendor contacts and updates, tasks, quotes, vessel schedule follow-up, service planning and general information.
  • Work directly with the Technical Manager and Technical Project Lead to enter customer quotes and maintain pipeline status in the SAP.
  • Assist with the proposal process, including drafting formal proposals
  • Prepare purchase orders and assist with order changes as assigned.
  • Follow-up with internal and external stakeholders as required.
  • Contact vendors to gather quotes and follow-up the material readiness upon order
  • Aid the team in setting appointments and arranging domestic and international travel for the service engineers.
  • Coordinate with the service engineers, vessel, agents, and the customer for the service planning
  • Attend project kick-off meetings to ensure project clarity.
  • Follow-up with existing /pending quotes/orders.
  • Assist as requested with sales reports and project documentation.
  • Assist with expense report verification.
  • Coordinate expediting activities with other departments to assure accuracy in pricing, delivery, invoicing, etc.
  • Contribute to the team by bringing ideas for improving processes and recommending opportunities for efficiency.
  • Ability to manage situations that require stress resistance, flexibility, and ingenuity
  • Interact and communicate with all levels of employees within the Company, as well as suppliers, customers, and peers effectively.
  • Perform all other job-related duties as assigned.


Function requirements

  • Bachelors Degree, preferably Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years related experience in elevator industry.
  • Basic technical knowledge to effectively process modernisation quotes and orders.
  • Experience in arranging international travel, including VISA applications.
  • Ability to effectively and professionally communicate, both written and verbal.
  • Patient, calm, and active listening skills.
  • Persistent, high attention to detail and diligent.
  • Confident, engaging, relationship builder/people person, with the ability to take measured risks.
  • Excellent organisational, multitasking, follow up and time management skills.
  • Proven ability to work productively individually or in teams.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office programs and other common productivity tools such as Google Workspace (Mail, Drive, Docs, etc.,).
  • Open, clear, and professional communication in English; other languages are a plus


  • Strong customer focus and commitment to customer satisfaction through prioritisation, quality, efficiency, and professionalism
  • Ability to complete tasks with attention to detail and a high accuracy
  • Ability to perform effectively in a demanding environment with changing workloads and deadlines
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as service agreements, project scopes, and project proposals
  • Adapt to customer circumstances
  • Ability to think out of the box to come to adequate solutions to issues, and apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions and problem-solving
  • Proactive, self-starting, and persistent attitude and walk an extra mile.
  • Ability to work independently and with our collaborative team without close supervision
  • Detail-oriented, organised, collaborative, and responsive.
  • Interpersonal communication and customer service skills.
  • Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.
  • Ability to work under pressure to manage multiple priorities, often with competing and tight deadlines.
  • Ability to collect meaningful data and draw reasonable conclusions.
  • Ability to work in a home environment/ remote working.


  • Based in India
  • Remote working

Application Process

What do you like most about working at Mr. Marine?

Mr. Marine Shikin Jaafar
Shikin Jaafar
Operations Director
What I absolutely love about working at Mr. Marine is being surrounded by a team of incredibly talented individuals. Every day, I have the opportunity to learn something new from each and every one of my colleagues. It’s like being in a constant state of growth and discovery, and I thrive on that.
Mr. Marine Vasiliki Kostoula
Vasiliki Kostoula
Team Leader
What I like most about working at Mr. Marine is the inclusive environment we have meticulously built over the years. It is a place where I can genuinely be my true self, and where every individual’s voice and perspective are valued. The knowledge that all opinions matter promotes a culture of open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. Moreover, I appreciate how our leadership actively fosters an environment where diversity is celebrated and differences are seen as strengths.
Mr. Marine Sara Bernardi
Sara Bernardi
Chief Commercial Officer
I love the vibrant, youthful energy that prevails in our team. We are a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, coming together with a shared enthusiasm and passion for what we do. This dynamic mix of personalities and perspectives creates a stimulating and engaging work environment that I truly enjoy. There’s an inherent drive to continuously improve and deliver exceptional results, which keeps us motivated and inspired.
Mr. Marine Baptiste Tabary
Baptiste Tabary
System Administrator & IT Project Manager
In addition to the rich diversity of cultures and the commitment of my colleagues, I am constantly inspired by the innovative mindset that prevails within our company. From the top leadership down to every employee, there is a genuine passion for pushing boundaries, embracing change, and striving for continuous improvement. This approach promotes creative thinking and enables us to stay ahead in an evolving business landscape.
Mr. Marine Yagmur Kantar
Yagmur Kantar
Senior Project Manager
What I cherish about working at Mr. Marine is the incredible opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Being part of an international team has enriched my professional experience in ways I never imagined. Working with colleagues from around the world has broadened my horizons and exposed me to different perspectives, ideas, and approaches to problem-solving. It’s a constant reminder that innovation knows no boundaries and that the collective intelligence of a global team can lead to remarkable outcomes.
Mr. Marine Henri Baanen
Henri Baanen
Technical Manager
I love the variety of work and the speed of the business. After almost 15 years of being part of the Mr. Marine team, the “having fun” part of the business is still there for me.
Klaas Minnema
Senior Controller
Working at Mr. Marine is an absolute joy for several reasons. Firstly, the culture here is incredibly open and supportive. Being part of a young, dynamic team in an organization that thrives on innovation and continuous improvement is invigorating. What’s truly fascinating is the global aspect – interacting with customers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, enriching the internal environment with a myriad of perspectives and experiences.

Equal Opportunities Statement

Mr. Marine is an equal opportunity employer, in accordance with Dutch law. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that is free from discrimination and where all employees are valued and respected. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nationality, age, disability, or any other protected status under Dutch law.

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