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According to ISO 8383 and the Class norms it is not the OEM (makers) that should give authorization to elevator service personnel, but the owner of the elevator. All our certification and inspections are performed according to ISO-8383 and NEN-EN-81-20.

In order to guarantee safety and comply with modern standards, every technician working for Mr. Marine is fully qualified and certified to perform service work, repairs, troubleshooting, installations and annual safety inspections on all brands of marine elevators.

Mr. Marine offers a worldwide network for marine elevator services. Please visit our local service station page. Contact us by phone +31 10 714 4882 or by email [email protected]

You can send an email to [email protected] mentioning vessel name or IMO and we will submit our most competitive offer within 24 hours.

With our worldwide network of highly skilled technicians, Mr. Marine can offer you a comprehensive plan for the maintenance of your marine elevators: from the Annual Safety Inspection to the supply of genuine spare parts to any emergency call, we will be your trustworthy partner in the maintenance of your elevators.

A proper maintenance of your ship elevators will lead to cost savings in the long term. At Mr. Marine, we can advise you on the most efficient plan for the maintenance of your marine elevators based on brand, type and age of your elevators, in accordance with international standards and flag and class requirements. Contact us by phone +31 10 714 4882 or by email [email protected]

Mr. Marine can provide you with the needed spare parts for any repairs on your elevators. We offer genuine spare parts as well as after-market spare parts. Contact us by phone +31 10 714 4882 or by email [email protected] to arrange spare part collection and installation at the nearest port you will be calling.

Mr. Marine can assist you with the marine elevator service in Fujairah anchorage and port. With our highly skilled technicians, we can guarantee the proper maintenance of your elevators in Fujairah. Contact us by phone +31 10 714 4882 or by email [email protected].

Mr. Marine Offshore department can assist you with the required service and maintenance of your offshore elevators. We are able to cater for your needs in servicing your traction as well as rack and pinion offshore elevators:

There are various norms for elevators on vessels (or “lifts on ships” as they are also referred to); most used are the ISO 8383 and the EN81/1 and 2 (traction and hydraulic elevators). These two norms give general guidelines on how to build marine elevators and how and by whom they should be inspected on a regular basis.

Owners often think that marine elevator companies can be ISO 8383 or EN81/1 approved, but such a thing just doesn’t exist. The ISO and EN codes of practice only set out guidelines for marine elevator settings and how to perform inspections; there are no diplomas that can be obtained.

Mr. Marine can supply spare parts for your marine elevators out of stock on a short notice. Please call us +31 10 714 4882 to have your needed spare parts supplied urgently.

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