Mr. Marine Atlas Marine Services is honoured to be the distributor of Conidia Bioscience’s Product – Fuelstat


Mr. Marine Atlas Marine Services, formerly Atlas Marine Services Pte Ltd, is honoured to be the distributor of Conidia Bioscience’s product- FUELSTAT® and featured on Conidia Bioscience’s news page.

We were established to serve the ever evolving marine industry and the escalating service standards of the modern world. As we expand our line of products, we continue to serve our clients with integrity and excellence.

FUELSTAT® technology detects levels of microbiological contamination and shows whether you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation and diesel fuels and most importantly it gives results within 10 minutes.

The fuel test kits are now widely available and are marketed across industries under the FUELSTAT® brand. FUELSTAT® resinae, leads the field in the Airline sector. The most recent addition to their product range, FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS is growing rapidly. Both are endorsed with IATA recommendation and inclusion in the Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, BAE Systems, Fokker and Raytheon maintenance manuals.

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