Exploring Porto: Mr. Marine Annual Company Trip

Mr. Marine Trip Porto

People are at the heart of Mr. Marine. Their hard-work, dedication, and enthusiasm are essential in achieving our mission to keep vessels safe and compliant anywhere in the world. Taking care of our people and the team are two of our core values that define our inclusive and healthy working environment. We consistently support the growth of our people, ensuring that every member feels appreciated and valued. Every year Mr. Marine celebrates the team achievements with a trip abroad. Last year, the destination was the Portuguese city – Porto.

Mr. Marine Company Trip to Porto

Mr. Marine team enjoyed an amazing weekend in Porto, the historical city lying along the Douro River. It was an extraordinary occasion that reunited the team from different parts of the world. Our journey started with a jeep safari trip, offering the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature and landscapes of  Porto. It continued with discovering the local landmarks and attractions in the city with the tuk-tuk, and wine tasting of the famous Porto wine. The journey was also marked by gastronomical experiences in local cafes and restaurants.

The trip was a great team building opportunity. The experience was filled with many moments of laughter, joy and appreciation. It fortified the team bonding, building many extraordinary memories that will last forever. 

We invite you to get a glimpse at our journey in Porto:

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Mr. Marine boasts a network of 105 professionals across seven global offices. Our team integrates 30 different nationalities, building a diverse environment of perspectives and experiences. This diversity is a reflection of our global reach and inclusive culture, where every members’ background is valued. If you would like to become part of our team, check the open positions on our Careers page and apply today!

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