Mr. Marine Opens a New Office in Thessaloniki

Mr. Marine Thessaloniki

Mr. Marine is excited to announce the opening of the new office in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city. Thessaloniki is one of the most important cultural, industrial and commercial centers in the Balkans. The city’s rich history, as well as its uniquely advantageous geographical location, contributed to its modern-day significance as a token of culture and trade. This strategic expansion reflects our global mission to keep your vessels safe and compliant anywhere in the world.

Our expansion in Thessaloniki

As part of the growth-focused journey of our company, we recognized the importance of strengthening our presence in Greece and opening a space where our team can work together. One of our core values, which acts as a guiding principle and pillar to the way we do business, is the strong appreciation for our people, both individually and collectively. Ultimately, we want to support our people in any way we can, so our expansion in Thessaloniki came only as a natural step in the process.

Apart from the earlier mentioned reasons, about the city’s paramount importance as a commercial crossroad, we chose Thessaloniki for something more. Something that cannot be easily measured through statistics and numbers, like business and trade can be. Out of all possible places, we chose Thessaloniki for its extremely talented and warm-hearted people. Our people stand as one of the core values at Mr. Marine’s foundation, and with Thessaloniki, we knew we could not go wrong.

Join Mr. Marine in Thessaloniki

Join Mr. Marine on our journey in Thessaloniki! We currently have several open positions, and many more are yet to come. Check our careers page to see what job suits your expertise the most.

With us, you will have the opportunity to build a unique career path, joining an inclusive, multicultural and ambitious team. You will be working alongside colleagues from numerous countries, collaborating strongly with each other in order to drive excellence. Furthermore, we emphasize mentoring and training, ensuring you have access to all the necessary resources to reach your full potential. We give you honest constructive feedback while taking into consideration your skills and knowledge. Hesitate no longer and apply today in Thessaloniki!

Discover the city

Thessaloniki was founded in 315 BC by Cassander of Macedon, an ancient Macedonian ruler who named it after his wife Thessalonike, daughter of Phillip II of Macedon and half-sister of Alexander the Great. A few centuries later, when Macedonia was completely taken over by the Roman Empire and became a province, Thessaloniki was deemed its capital, growing to great importance as a military and commercial station.

Throughout the coming aeons, the city consistently developed on a flourishing and prospering note, leading to its current-day emergence as one of the most important trade hubs in both Greece and the whole Balkan region. The port of Thessaloniki now serves as a gateway for trade activities in the Balkan peninsula and the broader area, being connected to major European transport networks.

We look forward to writing an extraordinary chapter in the history of our organization in Thessaloniki! Mr. Marine – Your Global Beacon!

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