Mr. Marine Resumes Activity at Full Capacity in China


Mr. Marine resumes its operations at full capacity in China. We are happy to service your marine elevator, BWTS, instruments & controls onboard your vessel in the Chinese ports and shipyards. 

Easing Covid-19 restrictions in China 

The past three years have been challenging for the entire world due to Covid-19. The maritime industry was no exception, with lockdowns, travel restrictions, and reduced trade disrupting operations across the board. China – the world’s largest exporter – was majorly affected, imposing strict pandemic regulations. Therefore, the access to ports was limited given the preventive norms.   

In December, China announced the relaxation of its Zero-Covid policy. Vessels arriving at Chinese ports are no longer required to provide 48-hour Covid-19 test results for the crew before arrival. The new measures also state that service providers are allowed entry to Chinese ports and terminals.

Mr. Marine in China

Mr. Marine fully resumes its operations in China. Our multi-brand expert technicians are available 24/7 to service your marine elevators, BWTS, and instruments & controls. The challenges from the past years only consolidated our resilience and dedication to become your trusted service partner.          

Karel Peters, CEO of Mr. Marine: “Being a customer-centric company, we focus on delivering outstanding service anywhere in the world. The opening of China means an influx of vessels in the Chinese ports and the opportunity to resume our activity at full capacity. We are your trusted partner in China!

At Mr. Marine, we understand the importance of a strong and reliable service network to support our clients in the maritime industry. Our technicians are strategically located in key ports and shipyards across China, ensuring that we are always within easy reach to you. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and support.

Ports serviced in China by Mr. Marine

BayuquanBeilun and NingboCaofeidianChangshuChiwanDaishan Island/Zhoushan
DalianDongjiakou and QingdaoGuangzhouHong KongHuizhouJiangyin
JinzhouKemen Port and XiamenLianyungangLiuhengdao IslandMeishan and NingboNanjing
ShekouShengshi Island and ZhoushanTaicangTianjinXiamenYantian

Shipyards serviced in China by Mr. Marine

Marine elevator services will also continue to be performed during dry docking. Herewith are some of the shipyards where our technicians regularly perform Annual Inspections, 5 Year Inspections and special DD maintenance:

  1. DISC Shipyard Dalian
  2. Coco (Dalian) Shipyard CO., LTD
  3. Shanhaiguan Shipyard
  4. Tianjin Xingang Ship Industry Co., Ltd 
  5. CUD Weihai Shipyard      
  6. Qingdao Beihai Shipyard
  7. Nantong Coco (KHI) Shipyard CO., LTD
  8. Jiangyin Chengxi Shipyard
  9. Zhoushan Xinya Drydock
  10. Coco (Zhoushan) Shipyard CO., LTD
  11. Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard 
  12. Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard
  13. Zhoushan IMC-YY Shipyard
  14. Yiulian (Zhoushan) Drydock
  15. Zhoushan Jinhai Heavy Industry Co. Ltd
  16. Fujian Mawei Shipyard
  17. Yiulian (Shekou) Drydock
  18. Yiulian HK Drydock
  19. Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard


Contact our team to arrange your service in China! You can also submit your request on the link.

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