Crowcon T4x Portable Multi-Gas Detector

Crowcon T4x Portable Multi-Gas Detector

Introducing the Crowcon T4x Portable Multi-Gas Detector, a cutting-edge solution engineered to enhance worker safety and reduce operational costs. This revamped device boasts industry-leading sensor technologies, including long-life O2 and MPS™ sensors, setting new standards for reliability and efficiency. Designed to be your go-to companion in hazardous environments, the T4x is Zone 0 approved, offering protection against the four most common gas hazards: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Flammable Gases (MPS), and Oxygen Depletion (O2). With improved detection capabilities for long-chain hydrocarbons like pentane and hexane, it ensures comprehensive coverage and compliance. The Crowcon T4x prioritizes user-friendliness without compromising on durability. Featuring a large single button and an intuitive menu system, it can be operated with ease, even while wearing gloves. Its rugged construction, including an integrated rubber boot and optional clip-on filter cover, safeguards against damage in harsh conditions, with IP65 and IP67 certifications ensuring protection against water ingress and drops of up to 4 meters.

This advanced detector not only enhances safety but also minimizes operational expenses. With a lifespan that cuts sensor replacements by 75%, it significantly reduces maintenance costs. Moreover, its extended battery life of over 35 hours ensures uninterrupted operation throughout multiple shifts. Equipped with MPS™ sensor technology for detecting over 15 flammable gases and a dual toxic sensor for CO and H2S, the T4x offers unmatched versatility and reliability. Compact yet robust, with a range of accessories available, including cradle chargers and clip-on filter plates, the Crowcon T4x sets a new standard for portable gas detection, ensuring peace of mind in the most demanding environments.


  • Zone 0 approved for Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Flammable Gases, and Oxygen Depletion detection
  • Long-life O2 and MPS™ sensor technologies
  • Improved detection of pentane, hexane, and long-chain hydrocarbons
  • Simple operation with large single button and intuitive menu system
  • Durable design with integrated rubber boot and optional clip-on filter cover
  • Drop tested to 4m and IP65/IP67 certified for water and dust resistance
  • 75% reduction in sensor replacements, minimizing maintenance costs
  • Detects over 15 flammable gases with MPS™ sensor technology
  • Dual toxic sensor for CO and H2S with 3-year lifespan
  • Long-life Oxygen sensor with 5-year warranty and RoHS compliance
  • Extended battery life of up to 35+ hours
  • Compact size: W135 x H80 x D35 mm, weight: 282g
  • Audible, visual, and vibrating alarms for prompt alerts
  • Data logging capability with up to 130 hours storage
  • USB communications interface for connectivity
  • Accessories include cradle chargers, clip-on filter plates, and automated bump/calibration station.

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Crowcon T4x Portable Multi-Gas Detector

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Crowcon T4x Portable Multi-Gas Detector