Oldham SharpEye Flame Detector

Oldham SharpEye Flame Detector

The Flame Detector Oldham SharpEye is an advanced and highly reliable flame detection system with a wide range of potential marine applications. Designed to meet SIL2 capability (TÜV) and compliant with European standard EN54-10, this detector is suitable for both industrial and commercial settings. The SharpEye range encompasses various models, including UV, UV-IR, IR3, and IR4 detectors, making it versatile in detecting different types of fires, such as hydrogen, hydrocarbons, metals, and more. Its optical technology enables the detection of radiation emitted by flames and combustion by-products, ensuring accurate and efficient fire detection. One of the standout features of the SharpEye range is its compliance with European standard EN54-10, guaranteeing its adherence to the latest safety regulations. Additionally, it has received SIL2 approval from TUV according to IEC 61508, further emphasizing its reliability and performance.

In terms of its marine suitability, the Flame Detector Oldham SharpEye holds various certifications, including Ex approval for Zone 1 hazardous area locations (ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA). This ensures its safe operation in challenging environments. The detector offers a compact and lightweight design with a durable stainless steel construction, making it ideal for marine installations. It boasts multiple output options, including mA, relays, RS 485 ModBus, and Hart, enabling seamless integration into existing systems. Other notable features include automatic built-in test and dirty optics compensation, a heated window for operation in harsh weather conditions, lower power requirements, and an expanded field of vision for enhanced coverage.

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Our detectors:

40/40I Model (IR3)

Combines three infrared sensors for the detection of hydrocarbon fires up to a distance of 65 meters with high immunity to false alarms.

DNV approval

New: 40/40M Model (IR4)

Combines four infrared sensors for the detection of hydrocarbon and hydrogen fires up to a distance of 65 meters with the highest immunity to false alarms.

40/40L Model (UV-IR)

This detector combines a UV sensor and an IR sensor for the detection of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and metal fire.

High Speed response (150m/sec)

Simple IR, mini UV-IR and mini IR3 are also available and our detectors are supplied with a tilt mount and weather protection.

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Oldham SharpEye Flame Detector

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Oldham SharpEye Flame Detector