Crowcon SafEye Xenon 700 Open-Path Gas Detection System

Crowcon SafEye Xenon 700 Open-Path Gas Detection System

The Crowcon SafEye Xenon 700, a state-of-the-art open-path gas detection system, offers exceptional functionality in the marine industry and other challenging environments. With its advanced Xenon Flash infrared transmitter (source) and infrared detector (receiver), this cutting-edge solution enables accurate detection and quantification of flammable gases. It remains effective even in extremely harsh conditions where dust, fog, rain, snow, or vibration can severely affect signal strength. By analyzing atmospheric absorption at three carefully selected spectral bands, including two where the target gas absorbs and one where it does not, the SafEye 700 provides precise information about gas concentration along its optical path. This capability makes it an ideal choice for marine applications where detecting and monitoring flammable gases is crucial.

The system’s reference sensor ensures reliable performance by detecting beam blockage, compensating for humidity changes, and identifying any issues with the light source or optics. Enclosed in rugged, low-profile stainless steel enclosures, both the source and detector units of the SafEye 700 are ATEX approved, making them suitable for the demanding conditions encountered in the marine industry. To address the specific challenges of marine environments, the SafEye 700 features heated optics on both the transmitter (source) and receiver (detector) units. This design prevents issues such as icing, condensation, and snow build-up, ensuring uninterrupted gas detection performance. In addition, the Crowcon SafEye Xenon 700 Open-Path Gas Detection System offers modern accessories tailored for the marine industry. Among them is the Intrinsically Safe approved Hand-Held Unit, which serves as a versatile Diagnostic/Calibration/Interrogation plug-in device. This accessory streamlines installation and maintenance processes, allowing for efficient one-person operation.

The SafEye 700 gas detection system is renowned for its exceptional features, making it an outstanding choice for various applications across industries. However, its capabilities are particularly suited for the demanding conditions found in the marine environment. 

One standout feature of the SafEye 700 is its ease of installation and commissioning, designed to be efficiently carried out by a single person. The system incorporates user-friendly alignment and commissioning processes, simplifying adjustments in both horizontal and vertical directions. This streamlined installation process reduces resource requirements and facilitates swift setup of the gas detection system, making it well-suited for marine environments with limited manpower availability.

In critical situations at sea, response time is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of personnel and assets. The SafEye 700 excels in this aspect, offering a rapid response with a direct reading and high sensitivity. With a remarkable response time as quick as 3 seconds, the system enables immediate action to be taken in the event of a gas leak, minimizing risks and ensuring swift mitigation measures specific to the marine industry.

Operating in harsh maritime environments requires equipment that can withstand adverse weather conditions. The SafEye 700 is built with resilience in mind, capable of enduring rain, snow, fog, hot and humid climates prevalent at sea. The system’s ability to withstand up to 90% beam blockage, coupled with its operational track record in installations worldwide, demonstrates its suitability for maritime applications. Additionally, the inclusion of heated optics on both the source and detector units prevents issues such as icing, condensation, and snow buildup, ensuring uninterrupted gas detection performance, even in extreme weather conditions at sea.

The SafEye 700 offers a broad range of gas detection capabilities, making it highly adaptable to the marine industry’s diverse needs. It reliably detects gas leaks across various gaseous hydrocarbons, including Alkanes, Alkenes (C1-C8), Alcohols, LNG, LPG, Ethylene, and more. This versatility provides comprehensive gas detection coverage for the maritime sector, addressing the specific challenges associated with different types of flammable gases commonly found in marine operations.

Beyond its exceptional performance, the SafEye 700 presents cost-effective benefits, particularly relevant for the marine industry. Compared to traditional point-type detection systems, the SafEye 700 requires fewer units for effective protection, resulting in lower installation costs and reduced overall ownership expenses. This cost-saving advantage aligns with the marine industry’s focus on optimizing operational efficiency while maintaining high safety standards.

Engineered with a rugged stainless steel 316L enclosure, the SafEye 700 ensures durability and protection in demanding marine environments. Its IP66/67 rating enables the system to operate reliably in hazardous areas, specifically designed to meet the safety requirements prevalent in the maritime sector.

To facilitate seamless integration and maintenance, the system offers standard interface options, including a 4-20 mA output, a new maintenance call mode of 3 mA, and support for RS-485 and Modbus-compatible output. These interface options enable easy networking of up to 256 detectors to a central monitoring or PC system, allowing for efficient maintenance and access to local and remote diagnostic tools. This feature proves beneficial in the marine industry, where efficient monitoring and management of multiple gas detection systems are vital for ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

Lastly, as an electro-optical system, the SafEye 700 is not susceptible to chemical poisoning effects. This ensures its reliable and consistent performance, unaffected by the presence of various substances commonly encountered in marine environments.

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Crowcon SafEye Xenon 700 Open-Path Gas Detection System

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Crowcon SafEye Xenon 700 Open-Path Gas Detection System