RKI EAGLE 2 Portable Gas Detector

RKI EAGLE 2 Portable Gas Detector

The EAGLE 2 is a state-of-the-art portable gas monitoring device that offers a comprehensive solution for a variety of applications, including the marine industry with accessible use on vessels. This powerful instrument surpasses standard confined space protection by providing monitoring capabilities for LEL, O2, H2S, and CO gases. With its user-friendly interface, the EAGLE 2 offers a range of convenient controls and customizable alarm settings. It features two alarm levels per channel, TWA and STEL alarms for toxic channels, and various control options such as auto-calibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold, and methane elimination. These features ensure accurate and efficient gas monitoring, allowing ships to operate safely and stably.

The EAGLE 2 caters to diverse requirements with its versatile sensor options. It includes a PID sensor for detecting VOC gases, a thermal conductivity sensor for measuring CH4 and H2 levels, and infrared sensors for CO2, methane, and hydrocarbons detection. This enables comprehensive monitoring capabilities and the ability to switch between PPM or LEL hydrocarbon detection. Equipped with a robust internal pump, the EAGLE 2 offers a low flow auto pump shut off and alarm, allowing for efficient sampling from distances of up to 125 feet. Its extended battery runtime, ranging from over 18 hours with alkaline batteries to an impressive 20 hours with NiMH batteries, ensures continuous monitoring during long voyages.

The gas detector mentioned above offers a range of features that enhance its functionality and usability:

  • Low Flow Alarm: The device is equipped with a low flow alarm that automatically shuts off the pump to prevent any potential damage to the instrument. This ensures the safety and longevity of the detector.
  • Hydrophobic Filter Disc: The probe of the gas detector incorporates a hydrophobic filter disc, which effectively prevents the intrusion of moisture or water into the system. This feature helps maintain accurate readings and protects the internal components from potential water damage.
  • Internal Hydrophobic Filter: In addition to the filter disc in the probe, the gas detector also includes an internal hydrophobic filter. This additional layer of protection further safeguards the instrument from moisture ingress, ensuring reliable performance even in humid or wet environments.
  • Single Gas Calibration: The device supports single gas calibration, allowing for convenient and efficient calibration of individual gases. This feature simplifies the calibration process and ensures accurate measurements for specific gases as required.
  • Methane Elimination Feature: The gas detector is equipped with a methane elimination feature specifically designed for environmental applications. This feature helps to minimize or eliminate false readings or interference caused by the presence of methane, enabling accurate detection of other target gases.
  • Security Password Protection: To ensure data integrity and prevent unauthorized access, the gas detector is equipped with password protection. This security feature allows only authorized personnel to access and modify the device settings, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the collected data.
  • EPA Method 21 Compliance: The gas detector meets the requirements of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Method 21 protocol for fugitive emissions testing in most applications. This compliance ensures that the device adheres to the standard guidelines for accurate and reliable emissions monitoring.
  • Plug and Play Toxic Sensors: The gas detector supports plug and play toxic sensors, allowing for easy and seamless integration of additional sensors as needed. This feature provides flexibility and versatility in detecting a wide range of toxic gases, enhancing the overall capability of the device.
  • Datalogging Capability: The gas detector offers datalogging functionality across all configurations. This enables the device to record and store measurement data over time, allowing for comprehensive analysis, trend monitoring, and documentation of gas levels and environmental conditions.
  • Transformer Gas Testing Version: A specialized version of the gas detector is available specifically designed for transformer gas testing. This variant is tailored to meet the unique requirements and challenges associated with testing gases in transformers, providing accurate and reliable results in this specific application.


Furthermore, the EAGLE 2’s applications in the marine industry are particularly relevant. It facilitates the detection of gases on ships as part of safety requirements. The instrument’s data-logging feature ensures comprehensive recording and analysis of gas readings, enabling accurate documentation of monitoring results.

To enhance its versatility, the EAGLE 2 is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including long sample hoses, float probes for tank testing, and dilution fittings. These accessories further expand its capabilities and make it suitable for various marine applications.

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RKI EAGLE 2 Portable Gas Detector

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RKI EAGLE 2 Portable Gas Detector