Riken Keiki GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor

Riken Keiki GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor

The Riken Keiki GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor is a game-changer in confined space safety, offering unmatched performance in a compact design. Weighing merely 3.52 ounces, this device is the world’s smallest and lightest 4 gas monitor, providing simultaneous detection of LEL combustibles, O2, H2S, and CO. Equipped with innovative micro sensors, the GX-3R ensures precise and reliable gas detection. Its LEL sensor features a unique dual-filament design, enhancing resistance to silicone poisoning for uninterrupted monitoring. The electrochemical O2 sensor boasts a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, ensuring long-term functionality. Additionally, the H2S and CO sensors are now available in a combo micro sensor, further optimizing performance. Safety supervisors will appreciate the non-compliance indicator, ensuring adherence to calibration and testing requirements. With audible, visual, and vibration alarms, the GX-3R alerts users to potential hazards promptly. The device’s water and dust-resistant design, certified to IP66/68 standards, ensures durability even in harsh environments.

Designed to meet stringent industry standards, the GX-3R provides precise readings with ± 5% accuracy. Its intuitive two-button operation and digital LCD display make it user-friendly for both novices and experienced professionals. With a 25-hour operation on a single lithium-ion battery charge, the GX-3R offers extended monitoring capabilities. Accessories like the clip-on sampling pump and calibration station further enhance its versatility. Backed by a three-year warranty, the Riken Keiki GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor sets a new standard in confined space safety, providing peace of mind in hazardous environments.


  • Smallest & lightest 4 gas monitor
  • Simultaneous detection of LEL, O2, H2S, & CO
  • H2 Compensated CO sensor available
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • Audible, visual, & vibration alarms with 3 user adjustable levels
  • 25 hours of operation with lithium-ion battery
  • Water and dust resistant design (IP66/68)
  • Non-compliance indicator for calibration and testing adherence
  • Dual-filament LEL sensor for enhanced resistance to silicone poisoning
  • Electrochemical O2 sensor with 3 to 5-year lifespan
  • Combo micro sensor for H2S and CO detection
  • ± 5% accuracy for precise readings
  • Digital LCD display for easy monitoring
  • Accessories include clip-on sampling pump and calibration station
  • Three-year warranty for peace of mind

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Riken Keiki GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor

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Riken Keiki GX-3R Portable Gas Monitor