Toka Seiki TS-303

Toka Seiki TS-303

Toka Seiki TS-303, a reliable Fixed Type Gas Detector designed to enhance safety in various environments. This detector is capable of detecting three types of gases: Combustible Gas, Oxygen, and Toxic Gas. It is particularly suitable for detecting gas leaks in gas manufacturing facilities, gas filling stations, gas consumption utilities, and vessels.

The TS-303 features a rugged ABS plastic construction that meets UL standards, ensuring resistance to corrosion, arc damage, and excellent insulation. Operating the detector is effortless with its feather-touch pushbutton operation. Its drip-proof construction and flat design without projections add practicality. The TS-303 also offers a dimmer switch for adjustable brightness and allows multiple indication units to be easily joined together for comprehensive monitoring. Designed for energy efficiency, the TS-303 consumes low power, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Maintenance is simplified thanks to its highly integrated PC board. The detection units of the TS-303 excel in anti-corrosiveness, thanks to the aluminum alloy 7A construction, ensuring long-lasting reliability even in harsh conditions. Upgrade to the Toka Seiki TS-303 Fixed Type Gas Detector for robust and dependable gas detection, ensuring the safety of your premises and personnel.

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