TPI 9071 Smart Vibration Analyzer

TPI 9071 Smart Vibration Analyzer

The TPI 9071 Smart Vibration Analyzer offers a revolutionary solution for effortless vibration analysis. Engineered for simplicity, this low-cost meter empowers users to record, analyze, and display vibration signals with unparalleled ease. With the push of a button, uncover machine faults before they escalate, enhancing productivity while reducing maintenance costs. Equipped with built-in ISO alarms, the 9071 ensures timely detection of potential issues, preventing costly downtime. Its comprehensive features include a standard cable-mounted accelerometer with a magnet for convenient attachment, facilitating swift data collection. The device boasts a full-color LED display, providing clarity in signal interpretation.

Identifying bearing problems is a breeze with the BDU reading function, while built-in band filters isolate specific issues such as unbalance, misalignment, and looseness—ensuring precise diagnostics. The 9071’s ruggedized IP67 case ensures durability in demanding environments, backed by a reassuring 3-year limited warranty. The essence of the TPI 9071 lies in its ability to analyze, interpret, and save data effortlessly. Whether it’s ISO machine alarms or intricate spectral analysis, this analyzer delivers comprehensive insights at the touch of a button. With 10 memory blocks and 20 readings per block, users can conveniently store and revisit test data for in-depth analysis—a true ally in maintaining peak operational efficiency. Elevate your maintenance regime with the TPI Smart Vibration Analyzer 9071—where precision meets simplicity.


  • Simple, easy-to-use vibration meter
  • Built-in ISO alarms for early fault detection
  • Full-color LED display for clear visualization
  • Standard cable-mounted accelerometer with magnet
  • BDU reading function for bearing problem identification
  • Built-in band filters for specific issue isolation (1X, 2X, 3X)
  • 800-line FFT spectrum for detailed analysis
  • Ruggedized IP67 case for durability
  • 3-year Limited Warranty
  • Stores data with 10 memory blocks, 20 readings per block

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TPI 9071 Smart Vibration Analyzer

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TPI 9071 Smart Vibration Analyzer