TPI Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038

TPI Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038

Introducing the TPI Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038, the epitome of online and fixed vibration monitoring systems. These advanced units redefine affordability and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for continuous monitoring of critical plant operations. Equipped with up to 8 accelerometer inputs, 8 digital outputs, 8 analogue outputs, temperature and tacho inputs, alongside USB and Ethernet connectivity, the Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 and 9038 set new standards for price-performance ratios per channel. Their versatility facilitates various operational modes. In standalone operation, simply connect accelerometers and relays to instantly monitor and alarm key vibration points. With the included Smart Vibration Monitor PC software, set alarms independently to trigger based on velocity or g levels, with optional incorporation of tacho inputs for enhanced functionality.

For legacy systems, seamless integration is achieved by outputting vibration levels as 4 to 20mA signals, suitable for connection to existing monitoring systems such as PLCs. When tethered to a PC via USB, monitor up to 64 modules simultaneously, with vibration levels displayed on screen for comprehensive analysis. With detailed FFT analysis capabilities of up to 51,200 lines, the Smart Vibration Monitor unlocks deeper insights into machinery health. Key Features include multiple accelerometer channels, switched outputs for each channel, precise 4 to 20mA monitoring, and inputs for temperature and tacho. In summary, the Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038 offers unparalleled affordability, effortless setup, and continuous 24/7 monitoring, ensuring optimal plant performance and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Available in 4 and 8 accelerometer channel versions
  • 24VDC switched output for each channel
  • 4 to 20mA output for precise monitoring
  • Temperature and tacho inputs for enhanced functionality
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity for seamless integration


  • Remarkably cost-effective industrial vibration monitor
  • Effortless setup with Smart Vibration Monitor PC software
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring for critical operations


  • A single, affordable unit that offers local alarms and connects to high-functionality PC analysis software, ensuring optimal plant performance and longevity.

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TPI Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038

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TPI Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038