Valcom T7D Series Differential Pressure Transmitters

Valcom T7D Series Differential Pressure Transmitters

The Valcom T7D series stands as a cutting-edge range of Smart electronic differential pressure transmitters, equipped with a 4 to 20 mA output and HART® digital communication protocol. Noteworthy for their precision and adaptability, these transmitters are individually calibrated along with their own seal for utmost accuracy. Designed to cater to diverse industrial needs, the T7D series serves a wide array of applications, including measuring differential pressure, level, and volumetric flow across industries like chemical, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, food, marine, and offshore. Its flexibility extends even to environments with potentially explosive mixtures.

With a supply voltage ranging from 12.5 to 30 Vdc, the transmitters offer an output signal of 4 to 20 mA + Hart® Rev6, making them compatible with a range of systems. The transmitters are designed to be mounted directly onto pipes or tanks, with provisions for remote seal and capillary setups, including wall or 2″ stand pipe mounting brackets. Notably accurate with a total accuracy of less than 0.20% FS in the temperature range of -25°C to 0°C and less than 0.07% FS from 0°C to 80°C, these transmitters exhibit rapid response times and update frequencies. They also provide allowances for de-ranging and damping, ensuring precision in diverse operating conditions. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, the transmitters can operate in ambient temperatures as low as -40°C to as high as +85°C. Their compliance with various directives, including ATEX, PED, and EMC, underscores their safety and functional reliability.

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› Differential pressure, level and volumetric flow;

› Installation on chemical, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, alimentary, marine plants etc;

› Installation in areas with the persistence of potentially explosive mixtures;



› Marine

› Pulp & Paper

› Water

› Food & Beverage

› Chemical & Pharmaceutical

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Valcom T7D Series Differential Pressure Transmitters

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Valcom T7D Series Differential Pressure Transmitters