Mr. Marine is a certified Sensitron partner, offering Annual Calibration & Certification (ACC) services for fixed gas detection systems in maritime environments. We provide expert technical support, stock spare parts and ensure safety and satisfaction. Sensitron specializes in reliable gas detectors for marine safety, and Mr. Marine offers comprehensive support and marine services for Sensitron products globally.

Mr. Marine is your certified Sensitron partner for annual calibration and certification

Mr. Marine provides complete solutions for your Sensitron fixed gas detection systems, whether they’re situated on vessels or offshore oil rigs. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle Annual Calibration & Certification (ACC), routine inspections, maintenance and servicing of fixed flammable and toxic gas detectors. You can rely on their technical expertise and dedication to quality work.

In addition, we offer the Sensitron gas detectors themselves and can handle their installation on your vessels or premises. In case you encounter issues with your Sensitron fixed flammable and toxic gas detectors, we maintain a stock of spare parts for quick replacements to minimize any operational disruptions.

If you need any type of service for your Sensitron electronic instrumentation, feel free to request a quote. You can easily do so by clicking on the button above or reaching out through our contact page, phone or email. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns.

Sensitron – leaders in fixed gas detection

In the vast realm of the maritime industry, where safety is of utmost importance and the stakes are high, technology plays a crucial role in safeguarding lives and assets. Among the many innovative advancements in this field, Sensitron has emerged as a central player, specializing in fixed gas detection systems that cater strongly to the marine sector.

Marine environments, with their intricate machinery, confined spaces and potentially hazardous cargo, demand meticulous safety measures. This is where Sensitron’s expertise comes into play. The company is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing reliable gas detectors tailored to the unique challenges of the maritime domain. These fixed gas detection systems serve as vigilant sentinels, constantly monitoring the presence of explosive and toxic gasses in the air.

Mr. Marine and Sensitron

Mr. Marine is proud to serve as your dependable TIC (Testing, Inspection and Calibration) partner, offering your vessels comprehensive support for the entire range of Sensitron products. Our proficient technicians possess the expertise to conduct thorough testing, meticulous inspections, precise certifications, and accurate calibrations for all equipment crafted by the renowned Sensitron brand. Furthermore, our inventory proudly houses a variety of their fixed gas detectors, primed for swift installation onto your vessel should the need arise.

Sensitron products we can provide or service

Throughout the range of Sensitron fixed explosive and toxic gas detectors or control units that we can either provide from our stock or that our expert engineers can service, the following can be found:

  • Sensitron MULTISCAN++ MED
  • Sensitron SMART S-MS Med
  • Sensitron SMART 3G-D2
  • Sensitron SMART 3G-D3
  • Sensitron SMART 3NC
  • Sensitron SMART 3G-C2
  • Sensitron SMART 3G-C2-LD
  • Sensitron SMART 3G-C3
  • Sensitron SMART S-SS
  • Sensitron SMART S-MS
  • Sensitron PL4+ Gas Detection Control Panel
  • Sensitron PL4+D
  • Sensitron Multiscan++S1 Gas Detection Control Unit
  • Sensitron MULTISCAN++S2
  • Sensitron Multiscan 8+ Gas Control Unit

View our full portfolio of Sensitron products

Visit the products page on our website to discover the wide variety of Sensitron devices and many other reliable and well-known gas detection brands. Furthermore, our site hosts considerable information related to electromechanical equipment and types of systems commonly found on vessels. 

Where can we service your Sensitron gas detection systems?

If you find yourself in need of installation, testing, inspection, calibration, certification or servicing of any Sensitron electrical equipment, we are located in numerous larger and smaller ports all around the globe, including but not limited to:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Flushing, Netherlands
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Singapore
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Algeciras, Spain
  • Esbjerg, Denmark
  • Houston, Texas
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Mumbai, India
  • Kochi, India
  • Lagos, Nigeria

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