Calibration and certification for Dom Francisco De Almeida

Mr. Marine Calibration and certification for Dom Francisco De Almeida

Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls has been contracted by Damen Shipyard Vlissingen for the calibration and certification of most of the 65 pressure gauges on board the Portuguese Navy Vessel Dom Francisco De Almeida.


Such a project is much more complicated than you might initially think. First, all gauges must be identified in a highly complex navy ship. After identification and projection, all meters must be professionally disassembled. Everything must be specifically noted, both administratively, and just more on location.


All meters are brought to the calibration workshop in Alblasserdam. First follows a visual inspection and verification of all meters. The yard is exactly informed and everything is double-checked before the calibration process starts. During calibration, the approved meters are separated from the rejected ones. Replacement meters must be replaced by the rejected meters. The special thing is that each replacement gauge is tailor-made for this ship. Getting a metre from stock somewhere is not possible in this case. 


After all meters are complete, approved and certified, a final visit is scheduled to come back on board and reassemble all meters professionally. A final inspection with the person in charge on board confirms that all meters are neatly installed where they belong and that everything is visually in order.


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