Gas detection system for the new Combat Support Ship (CSS)

Mr. Marine Combat Support Ship

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls has been awarded the contract to supply the gas detection system for the new construction of the new Combat Support Ship (CSS) of the Royal Netherlands Navy.


The new Combat Support Ship is based on the design of the Joint Support Ship Zr. Ms. Karel Doorman. By taking an existing design as a basis, it is possible to deliver the ship in 2024. The almost 200-meter-long ship will have a 75-person crew and can also take an additional 75 people on board. There is room for several helicopters and around twenty containers. The engineering of the CSS largely takes place in the Netherlands and a large number of components will be delivered by Dutch suppliers. The CSS is built by Damen in Romania, after which the ship’s final components and the combat management system will be installed in Den Helder.


We thank all involved parties for their trust!

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