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Mr. Marine Atlas Marine Services

Atlas Marine Services Pte Ltd. is part of Mr. Marine

Atlas Marine Services Pte Ltd. is now part of Mr. Marine. In February 2023, Mr. Marine acquired 100% of the Singaporean-based organization. The formerly known Atlas Marine Services operates now under the name Mr. Marine Atlas Marine Services.

Mr. Marine Atlas Marine Services - Your Global Maritime TICC Partner

With a global presence in 375+ ports 24/7, Mr. Marine Atlas Marine Services is at your disposal for Testing, Inspection, Certification, and Calibration services of:

  • Fire detection system
  • Fixed and portable gas detection system
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)
  • Temperature calibration instruments
  • Pressure calibration instruments
  • Tank level monitoring system
  • 15PPM Monitors (Oily Water Separator)
  • Ullage Temperature Interface (UTI) detector
  • Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS)

Our team is also the number one span gas supplier in the maritime industry. We provide you with the complete solution for your span gas needs, delivering fast and effective gas mixtures to suit your requirements and accessories to match your onboard equipment.

We also offer you a wide range of products from all leading maritime brands, integrating:

  • Monitoring, Alarming, Control and Protection  
  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection
  • Navigation and Communication
  • Test and Calibration

The strategic location of our warehouses in major maritime hubs around the world ensures that the products are delivered to you timely and optimally.

Mr. Marine - Your Global Beacon

Mr. Marine is a global market leader for the inspection, certification and repair of marine elevators, as well as for maritime instruments & controls and ballast water treatment systems. Our 180 multi-brand expert technicians are present in 375+ global ports to support your activity. For over 20 years, we ensure that your vessel is safe and compliant anywhere in the world!

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Mr. Marine trades under Mr. Marine Elevator, Mr. Marine Ballast and Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls. Our dynamic company aims at keeping vessels safe and compliant, anywhere in the world. With technical know-how, unparalleled spare part sourcing and 24/7 responsiveness, we are your global beacon.

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