Mr. Marine donates to The Ocean Cleanup mission

Mr. Marine Ocean Cleanup

At Mr. Marine, we value people and the environment. In the past six weeks, our team was challenged to walk at least 5000 steps a day individually for a good cause. We are proud to announce that our members walked an impressive distance of 3330 km during the “Walking for charity” campaign, almost reaching the Port of Suez from Rotterdam.  

In the context of increasing environmental attention to plastic pollution, Mr. Marine decided to donate the money raised (1500 euro) to The Ocean Cleanup organisation. 

Every year, at least 14 million tons of plastic enter the oceans. We acknowledge the importance of maintaining our oceans clean and protecting the marine ecosystem to minimise the negative effects on our environment and health. Mr. Marine strongly supports the ambitious mission of The Ocean Cleanup “to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic”. 

We consider that with small steps and the contribution of individual actors, firms, and governments, we can reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans. 

Think Global and Act Local for a sustainable maritime future!

Image credit: The Ocean Cleanup

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