Walking for Charity 2023 – Donation to The Ocean Cleanup

Walking for charity donation

Walking for Charity 2023

At Mr. Marine, people and the environment are two of our core values. We are excited to announce that Mr. Marine’s team walked an impressive distance of 7839 km in the past six weeks, almost reaching the Port of Corpus Christi from Rotterdam. For the second year in a row, the money raised (3000 euro) was donated to The Ocean Cleanup mission. 

Every year millions of tons of plastic enter our oceans, affecting the marine environment. We strongly resonate with The Ocean Cleanup’s mission of removing the floating plastic from our global waters, contributing to the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

Our Walking for Charity program encourages our employees to prioritize their health by taking daily walks while raising funds for a charitable cause. By participating in this initiative, our team members both improve their physical health and make a positive change in the community. The contribution to The Ocean Cleanup mission emphasizes Mr. Marine’s efforts to preserve the maritime environment.    

Mr. Marine donates to The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup’s mission revolves around removing the floating plastic from our oceans to build a future where plastic no longer pollutes our global waters. At Mr. Marine, we acknowledge the importance of maintaining our oceans clean and protecting the marine ecosystem to minimize the negative effects on our environment and health. Therefore, we strongly support the mission of The Ocean Cleanup and are delighted to provide our help through the amount raised during the challenge.        

The ocean cleanup donation

About Walking for Charity

The “Walking for Charity” initiative encourages our employees to take daily walks while raising funds for a charitable cause. Participation is simple and easy. Our employees need only to log their daily steps and track their progress. For each step taken, Mr. Marine donates a certain amount to a selected charitable organization. This means that the more our employees walk, the more they will be contributing to a worthy cause. By participating in “Walking for Charity,” our employees not only benefit from the positive effects of daily exercise, but they also make a difference in the community. 

We believe that “Walking for Charity” is a fantastic way for our employees to stay active, connect, and give back. At Mr. Marine, we are proud to promote a culture of wellness and philanthropy, and we hope that this initiative will inspire others to do the same.

Previous Edition of Walking for Charity

Walking for Charity slowly becomes a tradition at Mr. Marine. With the increase in the team every year, we also witness a higher engagement of our employees. Therefore, our contributions to charity organizations are growing. 

In 2022, our team walked a distance of 3330 km in six weeks and donated the funds to The Ocean Cleanup. We resonate with the philosophy of The Ocean Cleanup that by removing plastic pollution from the ocean, we can protect marine life, safeguard the environment, and preserve our planet for future generations.

Through small and confident steps, Mr. Marine builds the venue for a sustainable maritime future!

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Walking for Charity 2023
Walking for Charity 2023

Walking for Charity is a program that encourages our employees to take daily walks to raise funds for a charitable

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