Crowcon Gas-Pro IR Portable Multi-Gas Detector

Crowcon Gas-Pro IR Portable Multi-Gas Detector

The Crowcon Gas-Pro IR Portable Multi Gas Detector is a game-changer in the oil and gas industry, offering unparalleled safety and reliability. Specifically designed to tackle the challenges of detecting potentially explosive gases in hazardous environments, this advanced device utilizes cutting-edge infrared (IR) technology. Unlike traditional catalytic sensors, the Gas-Pro IR excels in low oxygen or ‘poisoning’ environments, where other sensors may struggle. Its infrared measurement method provides enhanced reliability by detecting gases using two different wavelengths, distinguishing between absorbed and non-absorbed gases. One of the standout features of the Gas-Pro IR is its fail-safe nature, automatically alerting users to any faults for an additional layer of safety. This reliability is further reinforced by its certification for use in hazardous areas, meeting the stringent standards of both ATEX/IECEx and UL.

User-friendliness is paramount with the Gas-Pro IR, featuring a top-mount display for easy readability, simple single-button operation even while wearing gloves, and intuitive functionality to reduce training time. It offers the flexibility to monitor up to five gases in various combinations, catering to diverse industry needs. The device’s adaptability is underscored by its multiple solutions, including pumped and diffusion options, all within a compact design. Additionally, it boasts water and dust resistance to IP65 and IP67 standards, ensuring durability in harsh environments. With reliable lithium-ion battery power providing over 14 hours of use from a single charge, along with bump and calibration reminders for full compliance, the Gas-Pro IR stands as a beacon of safety and efficiency in gas detection technology. Whether it’s methane, pentane, propane, or a range of other gases, the Gas-Pro IR offers unparalleled peace of mind in hazardous environments.


  • Utilizes infrared (IR) technology for reliable gas detection in hazardous environments
  • Detects methane, pentane, or propane, excelling in low oxygen or ‘poisoning’ conditions
  • Fail-safe design automatically alerts users to any faults, enhancing safety
  • Certified for hazardous area use according to ATEX/IECEx and UL standards
  • User-friendly with top-mount display, single-button operation, and intuitive functionality
  • Monitors up to five gases in various combinations for flexible usage
  • Offers pumped and diffusion solutions within a compact design
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67 standards for durability in harsh conditions
  • Reliable lithium-ion battery provides over 14 hours of use from a single charge
  • Includes bump and calibration reminders for full compliance with regulations

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Crowcon Gas-Pro IR Portable Multi-Gas Detector

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Crowcon Gas-Pro IR Portable Multi-Gas Detector