Crowcon Gas-Pro PID VOC Gas Detector

Crowcon Gas-Pro PID VOC Gas Detector

The Crowcon Gas-Pro PID VOC Gas Detector epitomizes versatility and reliability in gas detection technology. With its advanced features and robust design, it ensures safety in environments rich in volatile organic compounds (VOC) and various gases. Utilizing Photo Ionization Detection (PID) technology, the Gas-Pro PID can detect hundreds of VOCs, including solvents, glues, and paints, making it indispensable for industries where exposure to such compounds is common. Its dual-colored display, coupled with audible and visual alarm systems, ensures that users are promptly alerted to potential hazards. Crowcon’s PID sensor, equipped with a 10.6 electron volt lamp, offers unmatched stability and can detect a broad range of VOCs with precision. The device boasts user-friendly features such as a top-mount display for easy readability, single-button operation for simplified use, and an ergonomic design for comfort during extended wear.

Flexibility is a hallmark of the Crowcon Gas-Pro PID, as it can monitor up to five gases from a wide array of options. Whether through pumped or diffusion solutions, it adapts seamlessly to diverse monitoring needs. Its automatic fail-safe flow pump plate recognition and unique Pre-Entry Check (PEC) mode enhance usability and efficiency. Built for reliability, the Gas-Pro PID is water and dust resistant, meeting IP65 and IP66 standards, and can withstand harsh environments. Bump and calibration reminders ensure continuous compliance, while its strong pump enables sampling from up to 30 meters. With its comprehensive specifications and compliance with international standards, including IECEx, ATEX, UL, and INMETRO, the Gas-Pro PID stands as a trusted ally in ensuring workplace safety in the marine industry.


  • Utilizes Photo Ionization Detection (PID) technology
  • Detects hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Dual-colored display with audible and visual alarms
  • Stable sensor with 10.6 electron volt lamp
  • User-friendly top-mount display and single-button operation
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use
  • Monitors up to five gases with optional pump
  • Flexibility with pumped and diffusion solutions
  • Automatic fail-safe flow pump plate recognition
  • Unique Pre-Entry Check (PEC) mode for efficiency
  • PID correction factor for targeting VOCs
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP66 standards
  • Bump and calibration reminders for compliance
  • Strong pump enables sampling from up to 30 meters
  • Complies with international standards: IECEx, ATEX, UL, INMETRO

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Crowcon Gas-Pro PID VOC Gas Detector

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Crowcon Gas-Pro PID VOC Gas Detector