HF Scientific AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer

HF Scientific AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer

The HF Scientific AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer stands as a pinnacle of innovation, crafted by over 30 years of optical design expertise specifically for monitoring drinking water disinfection. Engineered with cutting-edge microprocessor technology, this analyzer ensures unparalleled reliability and cost-efficiency in monitoring UV disinfection systems. Equipped with a UVC LED light source, it guarantees longer life and eliminates mercury, prioritizing sustainability. Offering two measurement scales, %Transmission and Absorbance, it provides versatile monitoring options. Standard communications include 4-20 mA with isolator or RS-485 with Modbus protocol, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems. Designed with affordability in mind, its modular microprocessor-based technology ensures high-quality performance at an accessible price point. The instrument features simple calibration procedures, a bubble rejection system, and an Ultrasonic Autoclean System, reducing operator maintenance time.

Its optical design guarantees consistent readings, akin to laboratory %T analyzers, while the bubble rejection system eliminates air in the sample, ensuring accuracy. Certified Traceable Standards and adjustable response times further enhance its reliability and adaptability. With a user-adjustable backlight display, it ensures visibility even in low-light conditions. Modbus compatibility, automatic ultrasonic autoclean system, and a rotational flow-through assembly with a 30ml cuvette make it ideal for both finished and raw water applications. Certified to CE, ETL, and ETLc standards, with a robust enclosure and built-in diagnostics, this analyzer ensures accurate, reliable, and efficient monitoring of UV disinfection systems for drinking water, setting a new standard in water quality management.


  • UVC LED light source for longer life and mercury-free operation
  • Two measurement scales: %Transmission and Absorbance
  • Standard communications: 4-20 mA with isolator or RS-485 with Modbus protocol
  • Affordable with modular microprocessor-based technology
  • Simple calibration procedures and bubble rejection system
  • Ultrasonic Autoclean System reduces operator maintenance time
  • Certified Traceable Standards ensure accuracy
  • Adjustable response times for customized readings
  • Backlight display for visibility in low-light conditions
  • Modbus compatibility and rotational flow-through assembly with 30ml cuvette

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HF Scientific AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer

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HF Scientific AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer