MMC UTI Trimode Portable Gauging

MMC UTI Trimode Portable Gauging

MMC, the global leader in the production of portable instruments used for measuring ullage, oil-water interface, temperature, and bottom dryness in petroleum and chemical tank systems on ships and land, offers a range of systems that are both manufactured in the United States and certified as intrinsically safe by BASEEFA and CSA. Among their offerings is the Portable Closed Flexi-Dip measuring tape, an electronic unit powered by batteries and designed to be completely gas-tight. By installing this device in a vapor control valve located on a storage (cargo) tank, a tightly sealed system is formed, preventing the escape of toxic vapors and creating a closed gauging system specific to that tank. 

The tape itself is marked with metric or imperial units, and both the tape and the sensor are coated with an anti-static material. Additionally, the tape features color markings to enhance visibility of tape direction and motion, and to ensure accurate rewinding. The standard package includes a coiled grounding cable with a large alligator clip. This closed system is widely recognized by various global regulatory bodies as being equivalent to a fixed gauging system, as long as the tape remains in the valve throughout the entire process of loading or discharging the tank.

The MMC Tape Reading system offers accurate measurements of fluid level with a precision of +/- 1/8″ (3mm) or +/- 0.01% of Full Scale (F.S.) tape LGT. This ensures reliable and precise readings for monitoring tank levels. The Temperature Display of the system provides temperature readings with a high level of accuracy. It offers a tolerance of +/- 0.5° F (+/- 0.3° C) and an additional margin of error within 1 digit. This guarantees precise temperature monitoring during operations.

Operating within a wide range of temperatures, the MMC system can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -20 °F (-7 °C) to 120 °F (49 °C). This versatility allows it to perform effectively in various environmental conditions. In terms of product temperature limits, the system can reliably operate within the range of Ta = -20°C to Ta = +40°C, ensuring accurate measurements even when the product being monitored experiences fluctuations in temperature.

The MMC Tape Reading system is powered by a 9-Volt Duracell MN1604 battery, providing reliable and long-lasting power to support continuous operation and accurate measurements. The system is available in different Tape Lengths to accommodate various tank sizes and monitoring requirements. The options include 50 ft. (15m), 65 ft. (20m), 75 ft. (25m), 100 ft. (30m), and 35m lengths, allowing users to select the appropriate tape length for their specific needs.

With a weight of approximately 14 lbs. (6.4 kg), the MMC Tape Reading system offers a compact and portable solution for measuring fluid levels in tanks. This manageable weight ensures ease of use and mobility, making it suitable for various applications, such as marine environments. In terms of pressure limits, the system can handle pressures of up to 3 psi during regular operation, while the maximum pressure limit is 7.5 psi. This robust pressure tolerance ensures the system’s durability and reliability even in challenging conditions.

The MMC Tape Reading system has received approvals from regulatory bodies, including being recognized as intrinsically safe by BASEEFA and CSA. These approvals validate the system’s compliance with safety standards and ensure its suitability for use in hazardous environments. In summary, the MMC Tape Reading system provides accurate fluid level measurements, precise temperature monitoring, and is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures. It is powered by a reliable battery, comes in different tape lengths, and has robust pressure limits. With its recognized safety approvals, this system is a dependable solution for measuring tank levels in marine applications.

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FLEXI-DIP Closed Trimode Gauging Tape

The Portable Closed Flexi-Dip measuring tape is a battery-operated electronic unit that is totally gas-tight. When installed in a vapor-control valve mounted on a storage (cargo) tank, it forms a tightly sealed system that prevents toxic vapors from escaping and creates a closed gauging system for that tank. The tape is marked in metric or English units and is anti-static coated (as is the sensor). In addition, the tape is colour marked to make tape direction and motion easily seen and to ensure full rewind position. A coiled grounding cable with a large alligator clip is standard. This closed system is recognized by many worldwide regulatory bodies as equivalent to a fixed gauging system as long as the tape remains in the valve from the beginning until the end of loading or discharging of the tank.


FLEXI-DIP Gauging Tapes (Restricted and Open)

Restricted and Open Gauging Tapes provide a convenient and accurate means for measuring ullage, product temperature and the oil-water interface. The units are configured to operate in the trimode, bimode, interface or temperature mode. Each instrument is designed to maximize ease of use. A single penetration of each tank can provide comprehensive data about internal tank conditions. When the electronic probe senses hydrocarbon, a steady tone is heard; when sensing water, it emits an intermittent tone. Temperature is shown on an LED display in the hub of the instrument.

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MMC UTI Trimode Portable Gauging

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MMC UTI Trimode Portable Gauging