Teledyne GMI PS200 Portable Gas Detector

Teledyne GMI PS200 Portable Gas Detector

This GMI PS200 portable gas detector is characterized by its exceptional quality, durability, and advanced technology, while remaining user-friendly. Its compact and lightweight design makes it highly suitable for marine applications, and its water-resistant and robust construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging maritime environments. While the PS200 is primarily intended for confined space monitoring, such as within sewers, underground piping, or tanks, it is also highly applicable for personal monitoring on vessels. Equipped with audible, visual, and vibrating alarms, this gas detector provides early warnings for dangerous gas levels, enhancing safety measures on board. Its versatility is further enhanced by offering both pumped and diffusion models, catering to different operational requirements. 

The instrument is powered by an internal Li-ion rechargeable battery, providing extended operating times of up to 80 hours for non-pumped operation (or 20 hours for pumped operation), depending on the sensors used. Recharging the battery takes a maximum of 4 hours. The PS200 is designed to be user-friendly, featuring only two push buttons for operation. Despite its simplicity, it incorporates state-of-the-art gas detection technology, ensuring accurate and reliable performance. The instrument includes high visibility LED indicators, with the display changing color from green to red when an alarm is triggered. It also includes a sounder with a minimum output of 90dB and a vibrating alarm, ensuring that users receive clear and unmistakable indications in the event of configured threshold limits being exceeded or sensor, flow, or battery faults being detected.

The PS200 series instrument is packed with a multitude of features to meet the diverse needs of users in various industries. Its compact and lightweight design, coupled with exceptional durability, ensures reliable performance even in demanding environments. Whether it’s confined space monitoring, personal gas detection, or other applications, the PS200 series instrument excels in providing accurate and timely gas detection. One standout feature of the PS200 series is its ability to simultaneously detect and display up to four different gases. This capability allows users to monitor multiple gas hazards simultaneously, enhancing safety and efficiency. With just two buttons, the instrument is incredibly easy to operate, ensuring that users can focus on their tasks without unnecessary complexities.

The instrument’s alarms are designed to leave no room for confusion. It utilizes clear audible alerts, high-visibility flashing LED lights, and vibrating alarms to ensure that users are promptly notified of any dangerous gas levels. Additionally, a configurable confidence signal is emitted every 15 seconds, providing reassurance to the user that the instrument is functioning properly. Featuring an alphanumeric display with screen backlighting, the PS200 series instrument offers clear visibility in various lighting conditions. The backlighting color changes from green during normal operation to red when an alarm condition is detected, providing immediate visual cues to the user.

For added versatility, the instrument offers an optional internal electric pump with a nominal flow rate, enabling efficient gas sampling in challenging environments. Both manual and fully automatic data logging functions are available, allowing users to conveniently store and retrieve gas measurements, event logs, bump test records, and calibration details. The instrument’s memory can hold extensive data, including over 24 hours of readings at a recording interval of 1 minute, 180 on/off event logs and alarms, 180 bump test logs, and 8 calibration records. The PS200 series instrument is powered by a reliable internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery, providing extended operating times depending on the configuration and sensors used. Recharging the battery takes up to 4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the instrument is equipped with a robust alligator clip that allows for easy attachment to a belt, pocket, or other suitable locations. It also features a communications interface for seamless data download to a Personal Computer (PC) via a USB connection, enabling efficient data analysis and reporting. The PS200 series instrument is fully certified to international standards, giving users confidence in its performance and compliance with industry regulations. To further enhance its functionality, a comprehensive range of accessories is available, providing users with additional options for customization and adaptability to specific needs.

With its comprehensive features, reliable performance, and user-friendly design, the PS200 series instrument stands as a versatile and indispensable tool for gas detection in a wide range of industries.

The PS200 Series is capable of simultaneously detecting up to four (4) different gases, including:

  • Hydrocarbons in the range of 0 to 100% LEL
  • Oxygen (O2) levels in the range of 0 to 25%
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels in the range of 0 to 1000ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) levels in the range of 0 to 100ppm

The instrument’s display clearly indicates which gas(es) it is currently monitoring.

More About Teledyne GMI PS200 Portable Gas Detector

Included Accessories:

› USB Charging / Comms Cable

› Universal Power Plug (Mains to USB)

› User CD-ROM (including handbook)

› Quick Operating Instructions

› 3m / 10ft PVC sample line with Quick Connector (pumped version only)



› Simple 1-button operation

› Measures up to 4 gases: CH4 - Methane (LEL), O2 - Oxygen, CO - Carbon Monoxide H2S - Hydrogen Sulphide

› Other flammable gases, available on request

› Audible, visual and vibrating alarms

› Internal pump (optional)

› Lightweight yet robust construction

› Sensor integrity checking

› Ease of maintenance



› Personal safety in confined space - CH4/O2/CO/H2S hazards

› General safety in confined space

› Shipping - general

› Shipping - fumigant

› Breweries

› Plant shutdown

› Permit to work systems

› Pressurised tunnelling

› Fleet auxiliary

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Teledyne GMI PS200 Portable Gas Detector

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Teledyne GMI PS200 Portable Gas Detector