Teledyne GMI PS500 Multi Gas Monitor

Teledyne GMI PS500 Multi Gas Monitor

The PS500 gas detector is a highly adaptable device designed to detect up to five different gases with the help of electrochemical and catalytic sensors, photoionization detectors (PID), and infrared capabilities. Its versatility makes it suitable for detecting a wide range of hazardous gases, making it an ideal choice for the marine industry, specifically on vessels and offshore oil rigs. One of the key features of the PS500 is its “Plug and Play” functionality, which allows for easy configuration to detect additional gases. By simply inserting a new smart sensor assembly, the detector can be quickly adjusted to monitor different gases, offering maximum flexibility and convenience. This feature proves invaluable in the dynamic and ever-changing marine environment, where different gases may be encountered during various operations.

In noisy maritime settings, the PS500 excels by providing effective gas detection. It is equipped with a loud and distinctive audible alarm, emitting a sound level of 95dB, ensuring that alarms are easily heard even amidst the clamor of a vessel’s surroundings. Additionally, a high visibility visual alarm enhances the visibility of the alarm status, further improving safety. This is particularly important in the marine industry, where noise levels can be high due to engines, machinery, and general operations. Designed to withstand demanding marine environments, the PS500 boasts a robust and rubberized casing that guarantees high impact resistance. This durability ensures reliable performance in rugged and challenging conditions typically encountered on vessels. 

In the marine industry, the PS500 gas detector proves to be a valuable tool for gas detection, offering key features that enhance its applicability and usage in this specific setting. First and foremost, the gas detector is compatible with GMI’s automatic bump and calibration station, ensuring seamless integration into calibration processes. This compatibility streamlines calibration procedures, saving time and effort for marine personnel who rely on accurate and calibrated gas detection equipment.

The unit is equipped with audible and visual alarms, providing clear and immediate notification of gas detection events. In the maritime environment where noise levels can be high, the loud audible alarm ensures that alerts are easily heard, while the high visibility visual alarm enhances safety by improving alarm visibility. These features are especially crucial on vessels where quick response to gas leaks or hazardous conditions is paramount.

Another significant feature of the PS500 is its datalogging function, allowing important data to be stored for calibration certificates, data management, and event logging. This functionality enables easy tracking and analysis of gas detection information, which is vital for maintaining compliance, identifying trends, and enhancing safety protocols on marine vessels.

The gas detector’s robust construction adds to its suitability for marine applications. With a casing made of high impact rubberised polycarbonate material, it can withstand the harsh marine environment, protecting against impacts and ensuring durability. This rugged construction makes the gas detector resilient in demanding industrial settings encountered on vessels, providing reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Moreover, the PS500 gas detector is rated to IP65, which means it is dust-tight and water-resistant. This IP65 rating enhances the unit’s reliability and performance in various working conditions commonly encountered in the marine industry, such as exposure to dust, moisture, and marine elements. It ensures that the gas detector remains operational and effective, even in challenging maritime environments.

As such, the PS500 gas detector’s compatibility with calibration systems, audible and visual alarms, datalogging function, robust construction, and IP65 rating make it an indispensable tool for gas detection in the marine industry. It combines functionality, reliability, and durability to meet the specific demands and safety requirements of vessels operating in diverse maritime conditions. Furthermore, the PS500 offers an optional internal pump, providing the flexibility to perform both pumped and diffusion measurements. This feature is particularly valuable on vessels where confined spaces are common, as it allows for accurate readings during pre-entry measurements. The pump can be easily activated or deactivated depending on the specific application, making it suitable for a variety of tasks and scenarios encountered in the marine industry.

Overall, the PS500 gas detector combines advanced sensor technologies, a durable construction, and versatile measurement options, making it an excellent choice for the marine industry. Its adaptability, robustness, and reliable performance ensure the safety and well-being of crew members and the protection of valuable assets on vessels operating in challenging marine environments.

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