TPI 608 Single Input Manometer

TPI 608 Single Input Manometer

Introducing the TPI 608 Single Input Manometer, a versatile tool designed for precise pressure and vacuum measurements. With a range of +/-150mBar H2O and four selectable units of measure including inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI, and mmH2O, this device ensures accuracy across various applications. Equipped with a 4-digit LCD display featuring a convenient backlight, the 608 offers clear visibility even in dimly lit environments. Its single input design, coupled with a 1/4” barbed input type, simplifies operation while maintaining accuracy. The instrument boasts a resolution of up to 0.01” H2O and an accuracy of +/-1% of full scale, providing reliable results with every use.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the 608 features one-touch zero function, auto power-off after 40 minutes to conserve battery life, and a built-in hanging hook and back magnets for easy mounting. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery, it offers a typical battery life of up to 200 hours, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent replacements. Included with the 608 are essential accessories such as an instruction manual and a 9V alkaline battery. For added convenience, an optional soft carrying pouch (A606) is available, ensuring easy transportation and protection of the device. Trust the TPI 608 Single Input Manometer for accurate pressure and vacuum measurements in a variety of industrial and HVAC applications.


  • +/-150mBar H2O measurement range
  • Four units of measure: inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI, mmH20
  • 4-digit LCD display with backlight
  • Single input design (1/4” Barbed)
  • Resolution up to 0.01” H2O
  • Accuracy of +/-1% of full scale
  • One-touch zero function
  • Auto power-off after 40 minutes
  • Built-in hanging hook and back magnets
  • Powered by 9V Alkaline battery (200 hours typical battery life)
  • Includes instruction manual and 9V Alkaline battery
  • Optional soft carrying pouch (A606) available

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TPI 608 Single Input Manometer

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TPI 608 Single Input Manometer