VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter

VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter

The VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter is a highly reliable and versatile instrument used for continuous level measurement in marine applications. It employs a float reed system, consisting of a toroidal magnet inside the float that interacts with reed contacts located in the guide pipe. As the float moves along the pipe, the reed contacts change their status, which is then converted into a current signal by the electronic board. This enables precise and linear level indication regardless of the tank shape. The transmitter can provide a continuous level measurement output of 4-20 mA or be configured for on-off controls using two floats. One of the key advantages of the VALCOM 27L Series is its easy maintenance. Reed chain replacement can be done without the need to dismantle the transmitter from the process, and recalibration is not necessary. Additionally, the transmitter offers the option of installing a PT100 temperature sensor to monitor the fluid’s local temperature.

With a measuring range of 0.6-10 meters and a high level of accuracy, the VALCOM 27L Series is well-suited for various marine applications. The transmitter’s robust construction, featuring an AISI 316 housing with IP65 or IP67 ingress protection, ensures durability and resistance to harsh marine environments. The VALCOM 27L Series complies with essential industry standards and regulations, including ATEX, PED, EMC, and functional safety requirements. It also holds marine type approval from RINA, demonstrating its adherence to rigorous quality and performance standards in the marine industry.

The VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter is a cutting-edge solution that offers precise and reliable level measurement capabilities specifically designed for the marine industry. Its innovative float reed system, combined with advanced electronic technology, allows for accurate and continuous monitoring of liquid levels in various marine applications, such as cargo tanks, ballast tanks, fuel tanks, and wastewater tanks. At the heart of the 27L Series is the float mechanism, which consists of a toroidal magnet housed within the float. The magnet interacts with reed contacts positioned inside the guide pipe. As the float moves along the guide pipe in response to liquid level changes, the magnetic field causes the reed contacts to open or close, generating electrical signals. These signals are then acquired by the electronic board within the transmitter and converted into a current signal output, providing an accurate representation of the liquid level.

One of the primary advantages of the VALCOM 27L Series is its exceptional adaptability to different tank shapes and sizes. Regardless of the tank’s geometry, the transmitter’s linear level indication ensures precise measurements, eliminating the need for complex calibration procedures. The system’s high repeatability guarantees consistent and dependable level readings, enabling efficient monitoring and control of fluid levels. The 27L Series offers two output options to suit different application requirements. The 4-20 mA output provides continuous level measurement, making it ideal for applications that demand real-time monitoring and accurate level control. Alternatively, the transmitter can be configured with two floats to enable on-off controls, with an output signal of 5-15 mA. This feature is particularly useful in situations where threshold-based control is desired, such as activating pumps or alarms at specific level points.

Maintenance and replacement of reed chains within the 27L Series transmitter are remarkably simple and convenient. Unlike traditional systems that require the removal of the entire transmitter from the process, the VALCOM 27L Series allows for reed chain replacement without dismantling the unit. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs while ensuring continuous operation. Moreover, recalibration is not necessary after reed chain replacement, further streamlining the maintenance process. To enhance functionality, the VALCOM 27L Series offers the option of incorporating a PT100 temperature sensor. This allows users to obtain the local temperature of the fluid, providing additional insights into process conditions and enabling comprehensive monitoring and control of the marine system.

The VALCOM 27L Series is engineered to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in marine environments. With a measuring range of 0.6-10 meters, it accommodates various tank depths and sizes commonly found in marine applications. The transmitter’s robust construction, featuring an AISI 316 stainless steel housing, ensures excellent resistance to corrosion, shocks, and vibrations. The IP65 or IP67 ingress protection ratings safeguard the internal components against moisture and dust, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging maritime conditions.

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is a fundamental aspect of the VALCOM 27L Series. It meets the requirements of the ATEX directive, making it suitable for installation in hazardous areas where explosive atmospheres may be present. Additionally, it adheres to the PED directive, providing confidence in the transmitter’s safety and reliability. The VALCOM 27L Series also meets the electromagnetic compatibility standards outlined in the EMC directive, ensuring proper operation in environments with electromagnetic interference. Furthermore, its functional safety rating of SIL2 offers added assurance in critical applications. The VALCOM 27L Series has also obtained marine type approval from RINA, a prominent classification society. This approval attests to the transmitter’s compliance with RINA’s stringent regulations and quality standards for marine equipment. It underscores the 27L Series’ reliability, accuracy, and durability in marine applications, making it a trusted choice for shipbuilders, marine engineers, and vessel operators.

In conclusion, the VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter is a versatile and highly reliable solution designed specifically for the marine industry. With its accurate and continuous level measurement capabilities, easy maintenance, robust construction, and adherence to industry standards, the 27L Series is well-suited for a wide range of marine applications, ensuring safe and efficient operations in maritime environments.

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27L series transmitters are used in marine and industry for level detection of liquids tanks. The measurement is not affected by parameters such as conductivity, pressure, temperature, viscosity, tank shape, etc. Our technical office is at your disposal for special applications.





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VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter

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VALCOM 27L Series Float Level Transmitter