Wika Infrared Hand-held Thermometer CTR1000

Wika Infrared Hand-held Thermometer CTR1000

The Wika Infrared hand-held thermometer Model CTR1000 is a versatile and reliable device used for non-contact temperature measurements from a distance. This handheld thermometer allows users to measure surface temperatures quickly and accurately without making physical contact with the object being measured. It is particularly useful for measuring hot, difficult-to-reach, or mobile objects, making it a preferred tool in various industries, including machinery maintenance, equipment monitoring, and food safety. The infrared hand-held thermometer is known for its simplicity and ease of operation, ensuring safety by avoiding damage or contamination to the measured objects. It has become an essential measuring and testing device in processes where temperature plays a crucial role in ensuring process safety and product quality. The Model CTR1000 offers a temperature measuring range from -60 to +1,000 °C (-76 to 1,832 °F) with an accuracy of 2 K or 2%. The display resolution varies from 0.1 °C to 1 °C, depending on the temperature range.

The thermometer features a spectral sensitivity of 6 to 14 µm and an impressive measuring distance of up to 8 meters (26.25 feet). It allows users to adjust the emissivity from 0.01 to 1.00, ensuring accurate temperature readings for various materials. With an optical resolution of 50:1, it can measure small and distant objects with precision. The response time of the thermometer is less than 1 second, providing instant temperature readings.

More About Wika Infrared Hand-held Thermometer CTR1000

In processes where temperature plays an important role, infrared hand-held thermometers have become indispensable test and measurement equipment in the last few years. Wherever temperature has a significant influence on process safety and product quality, an infrared hand-held thermometer should be close at hand.

Typical application examples of non-contact, high-speed measurement of surface temperatures with infrared handheld thermometers include measurements on:


  • Parts which are hard to access
  • Rotating parts
  • Live electrical conductors
  • Dangerously hot objects
  • Low-mass parts
  • Aggressive materials

Wika infrared hand-held thermometers are appreciated by experienced users in a wide range of industrial sectors, from the service and maintenance of machinery and plant to foodstuff monitoring, as they rapidly, safely and precisely measure surface temperatures.

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Wika Infrared Hand-held Thermometer CTR1000

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Wika Infrared Hand-held Thermometer CTR1000