Giulia Benelli

Giulia Benelli

Data Analyst

Giulia (Italian) has a business background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the University of Bologna. Before joining Mr. Marine, she worked as a Data Analyst at Motorcycles Data (a data consulting company) where she strengthened her data analysis skills.

We asked Giulia a few questions about herself:

1. What do you like most about working at Mr. Marine?

The people here really make the difference. The international and multi-cultural atmosphere gives a fresh and dynamic energy to the company where I really feel welcomed and appreciated. I feel that my impact in the organization is tangible and my contribution matters. This dynamic environment is what I like the most about working here.

2. What is your greatest achievement at work?

In the past few months I have been able to refine my data analysis skills and I have been able to provide the Teams with new dashboards that can help them in their daily activities. Also, I am happy to say that I am working on developing a forecast model that will help the MT team predict sales for the future. This will bring a lot of benefits to the team and I look forward to continue helping the company with new strategic business control tools.

3. What motivates you?

The dynamic environment, the continuous drive to improve and make this company better really motivate me. New challenges are what drive me. Dull and repetitive tasks are not for me and really what motivates me is the impact that one can provide to an organization which in the end is a group of people trying to reach their goals. My ambition also motivates me as I am eager to learn new things every day from my team and the most experienced members of the company.

4. What do you love most about what you do?

The non-repetitiveness of my work is the thing I enjoy most, together with the fact that I am able to work with all the departments of the company. This entails getting involved with different attitudes, needs and challenges, so every day is different. I really like getting involved in discussions that revolve around finding solutions for the company.

5. What is the best work advice you have ever received?

In this year I received a lot of precious advice from many different members of the company that have helped me grow and develop both as a young professional and as a person. I believe that the most precious one could be that of not being afraid to bring new ideas to the table as we are all valuable, no matter our experience. This really improved my confidence and allowed me to let go of some of my insecurities.

6. What was the most valuable lesson you learned while working at Mr. Marine?

I am learning new things every day but if I had to choose one of the many lessons learned I would say it is to not panic in the face of new challenges and to learn to prioritize your tasks in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the work. Also, another precious lesson has been that one of recording all your work when working in long-term projects. These two lessons really changed my perspective and have helped me so much to navigate the most intense challenges and periods here at the company.

7. What are your future career plans (goals)?

As I am currently a Master’s student, my career plans are not certain yet. I know that I am ambitious and I would like to grow within the company. I am sure that with the new knowledge and skills learned during my Master’s program I will be able to contribute to the business more. I would like to grow into managerial positions in general and really develop into the strategic business control part of businesses.

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