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New Totem Plus Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System for the Paragon C20051


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls undertook a significant project for the Paragon C20051. In line with the vessel’s evolving needs, a new Totem Plus Integrated Monitoring, Alarm, and Control System was developed and implemented, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation.


The previous, outdated system was replaced with a sophisticated PLC-controlled alarm system, significantly improving the vessel’s monitoring capabilities. This comprehensive upgrade was not only essential for enhanced performance but also aligned with the stringent quality standards set by DNV. To ensure seamless integration, the entire system underwent a certification process by DNV at the factory itself, allowing for a swift and efficient replacement on the rig.


Green Instruments Ambient Oil Mist Detectors for All Four De Zeven Provinciën-class Frigates


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls, a trusted industry leader, played a crucial role in fortifying the safety measures of the esteemed Dutch frigates: De Zeven Provinciën, Tromp, De Ruyter and Evertsen. Recognizing the critical importance of oil mist detection in preventing potential fires, the company delivered a total of 16 cutting-edge Green Instruments Ambient Oil Mist Detectors.


These advanced detectors were strategically installed to monitor oil mist levels in the three generator/engine (G/E) compartments and the main engine (M/E) of the Dutch frigates—De Zeven Provinciën, Tromp, De Ruyter, and Evertsen. By promptly detecting oil mist resulting from hydraulic or fuel leakage, these modern systems enable proactive measures to be taken, mitigating any fire risks and ensuring the utmost safety for the vessels and their crew.


New Shaft Power Torque Monitoring System for MSC Poh Lin


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls recently achieved a significant milestone with the successful installation and commissioning of an advanced VAF Instruments Shaft Power Torque Monitoring System on the vessel, MSC Poh Lin. The company’s dedicated team of skilled engineers, flown in from Amsterdam, embarked on the vessel in La Spezia, Italy, to carry out this pivotal project. The system was installed and commissioned during the voyage to Valencia, Spain. 


The newly implemented system, featuring the T-Sense® torque measuring technology, revolutionises efficiency, overload protection, and breakdown prevention. By utilising optical displacement technology, this innovative monitoring system can be seamlessly mounted around propellers or drive shafts, allowing for precise and accurate measurements.


The adoption of the VAF Instruments Shaft Power Torque Monitoring System represents a significant step forward in optimising performance and reducing operational costs for MSC Poh Lin. In fact, the shipping industry has witnessed notable fuel savings of up to 5% in some cases, thanks to the efficiency improvements provided by this advanced system. The successful completion of this project further solidifies Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls’ position as a trusted partner in delivering solutions to the maritime sector.


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