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New Totem Plus Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System for the Paragon C20051


The Paragon C20051 was equipped with a new Totem Plus Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System certified by DNV.


The old existing system was replaced by a new PLC controlled alarm system. The complete system was directly certified by DNV at the factory so that it could directly be replaced on the rig.


Green Instruments Ambient Oil Mist Detectors for All Four De Zeven Provinciën-class Frigates


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls delivered in total 16 Green Instruments Ambient Oil Mist Detectors for the monitoring of oil mist detection for the three G/E and the M/E of the Dutch frigates: De Zeven Provinciën, Tromp, De Ruyter and Evertsen.


With these systems, oil mist is detected from a hydraulic or fuel leakage, so a preventive action can be taken before a possible fire.


New Shaft Power Torque Monitoring System for MSC Poh Lin


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls successfully completed the installation and commissioning of a new VAF Instruments Shaft Power Torque Monitoring System.


Our engineers were flown in from Amsterdam and boarded the vessel in La Spezia (Italy). The system was installed and commissioned during the voyage to Valencia (Spain).


The use of a T-Sense® torque measuring system means efficiency improvement, overload protection and prevention of breakdown costs. For example, in the shipping industry its application has led in some cases to fuel savings up to 5%. The T-Sense® measuring system is based on optical displacement technology and can be mounted around propellers or drive shafts.

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