Installation of Gas Detection Systems and NOX/O2 Analysing & Visualisation Systems

Sugro Bucentaur drill-ship

Mr. Marine  Instruments & Controls received delivery for gas detection systems and NOX/O2 analysing and visualisation systems for the new building of 10 “Platform Supply Vessels”.


The final customer for all the vessels is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). ESNAAD, an ADNOC subsidiary, will operate the vessels.

New Gas Detection System for Fugro Bucentaur Drill Ship


Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls received a delivery, installation and commissioning order for a 16 channel H2S and LEL gas detection system for the Fugro Bucentaur. Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls delivered the sensors with SS316 housing, working as a combined head (H2S en LEL) with addressable signal directly connected to a 19″ Rack panel on the bridge.


In this way, 16 sensors were connected through 8 addressable signal lines directly on the panel. From the panel on the bridge, Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls installed an extra remote panel in the drillers cabin to monitor system state and alarms.


Through this order we are pleased to contribute and improve the safety onboard!


Mr. Marine mission is clear: we keep vessels safe and compliant worldwide. Explore our services for:


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