Service and Spare Parts Center of Panasia Level Control and Measurement System for Ships

Panasia Tank Level Gauging System

Mr. Marine Instruments & Controls is the certified service and spare parts center of Panasia Level Control and Measurement System for Ships. Specifically, we can assist you with supply and service of Panasia Tank Level Gauging. Panasia’s level control and measurement system for ships makes it possible to control and gauge levels, volumes, temperatures, etc. of the ship’s crude oil, fuel and ballast tanks. Firstly, the system is equipped with monitoring and alarm features. Secondly, it also provides a foundation on which ships can sail safely and stably.

Mr. Marine mission is clear: we keep vessels safe and compliant, anywhere in the world.

Check out our full range of Panasia products we can supply as well as install, service and troubleshoot.

Our full product range for Tank Gauging system includes:

  1. Cargo monitoring system

    • Radar beam type. This system is especially designed be integrated cargo monitoring system for inland river or ocean going vessels and tank barges.
    • Magnetic float type. It features an all-in-one detector that measures tank level, temperature, vapor pressure, as well as issuing alarm when limits are exceeded.
  2. High & overfill alarm system

    • Magnetic float type
  3. Tank level & draft gauging system

    • These systems are designed to indicate liquid level or measuring depth pressure for direct reading and achieve the high precision.
    • Air purge type and Electric pneumatic type to measure depth pressure for direct reading and achieve the high precision
    • Electric pressure type: for continuously measuring the liquid level of ballast tank, draft and fuel oil tank in the marine ships as well as tanks containing media.
  4. Vapor emission control system

    • A complete system to monitor oxygen gas content and vapor pressure in the waste vapor and manifold lines from vessels.
  5. Fixed gas detection system

    • a multi point gas-sampling unit designed to detect and provide alarm for the presence of flammable and hydrogen sulphide gases within the water ballast tanks and void spaces.
  6. Water ingress alarm system

  7. Pressure and Temperature monitoring system

  8. Bilge high level alarm system

    • The system supports the requirements set forth by IMO MSC-67. The safety circular lists the recommending measures to take to prevent explosion in cargo pump room of oil tanker for new and existing tankers.
  9. Local level gauge and switch

Panasia Level Control and Measurement System for Ships provides several solutions for the safety onboard your vessel. Contact us to get the right product and service for your need.


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