Deckma OMD-2005 15PPM Bilge Alarm Unit

Deckma OMD-2005 15PPM Bilge Alarm Unit

The OMD-2005 15PPM Bilge Alarm Unit is specifically designed for use with 15 ppm oil-water separator units, surpassing the requirements set by the International Maritime Organization’s specifications for 15ppm Bilge Alarms (Resolution MEPC. 107 (49)). This alarm unit provides enhanced performance and reliability. The unit is equipped with two pre-adjusted alarms set at 15 ppm, with the flexibility to adjust to other set points such as 10 ppm or 5 ppm as needed. Alarm conditions are indicated on the front panel, and corresponding relays are activated accordingly. In case of a malfunction, the System LED changes from blinking green to solid red, and the appropriate relay switches. For data logging purposes, the unit requires status input from the separator and a feedback signal from the valve position limit switch. Additionally, it offers a 0(4) – 20 mA signal output, equivalent to 0 – 30 ppm, for external metering or recording purposes.

The OMD-2005 15PPM Bilge Alarm Unit employs an optical sensor array that measures light scattered and absorbed by oil droplets in the sample stream. These signals are processed by a microprocessor to provide linearized output. The microprocessor continuously monitors the sensor components and associated electronics to maintain calibration accuracy under varying environmental conditions. Key features of the unit include its robust construction, automatic voltage selection, solid suppression capability, low maintenance requirements, easy installation, constant readiness, watertight housing, and adjustable settings accessible through the menu. The unit’s alarms can be individually set, and the time delays for the alarms can be adjusted as well.

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Range (measurement & indication)0 - 30 ppm, Trend up to 50ppm
Range (IMO specification)0 - 15 ppm (according to IMO regulations)
Accuracybetter than IMO MEPC.107(49)
Electrical power supply24V - 240V, AC or DC, automatic voltage adjustment
Electrical power consumption< 15 VA
SampleOily water from separator outlet, 0,1 - 4 l/min
Sample temperature range+1°C to +65°C
Sample connectionsR 1/4" Female
Alarm 1 & 2 Set Points1 - 15ppm (independently adjustable)
Alarm 1 operating delay for annunciation1 - 540 sec
Alarm 2 operating delay for control1 - 10 sec
Alarm contacts2 independently adjustable switchover contacts
Alarm contact operation modeDe-energized in Alarm State
Alarm contact ratings3A, 240V each
Alarm output0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA, for 0-30ppm reversible, ext. Load<150Ω
DisplayGreen Graphic Display
Ambient temperature+1°C to +55°C
Class of protectionIP 65
Dimensions360 x 240 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
Weight7,3 kgs

(Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to change or amend specifications without notice.)

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Deckma OMD-2005 15PPM Bilge Alarm Unit

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Deckma OMD-2005 15PPM Bilge Alarm Unit