Rivertrace Engineering (RTE) SMART Bilge 15PPM

Rivertrace Engineering (RTE) SMART Bilge 15PPM

The Rivertrace Smart Bilge 15PPM Oil Content Monitor utilizes the innovative “Smart Cell” Detector Array Technology, developed by Rivertrace, to simultaneously analyze all three oil types (HFO, Diesel, and Emulsions) without the need for re-calibration. This advanced technology ensures accurate readings and eliminates the risk of monitor malfunction or incorrect measurements caused by optical cell fouling, a common issue. The monitor includes a manual cell cleaning device as a standard feature, enabling easy routine maintenance and keeping the “Smart Cell” in optimal operating condition. For calibration verification, replacement calibrated measuring cells can be purchased for convenient onboard changeover, and calibration verification kits allow the crew to demonstrate compliance with factory calibration to PSC Surveyors.

The Smart Bilge 15PPM Oil Content Monitor is also available in a 5ppm version if required and can be tailor-made for Hazardous Environments (Zone 1 & 2) as an Exd system with Auto Clean, housed within an explosion-proof cabinet. An AntiMagnetic version is also offered, specifically designed for submarines and minesweepers. The monitor finds application in various scenarios including Bilge Water Discharge, Rig Slop Tank Discharge, Air Cooler Drains Overboard Discharge, and Oily Water Separator Discharge. With a measurement range of 0-40 ppm and accuracy within +/- 5ppm up to 30 ppm, the monitor provides reliable oil and solids detection. It features adjustable oil alarm setpoints, response times of less than 5 seconds, and various input/output options including analog output and switch inputs for separator and flow status.

More About Rivertrace Engineering (RTE) SMART Bilge 15PPM

Oil types:Fuel Oil, Diesel and Mixture C (IMO defined)
Clean water calibration:+/- 2ppm of factory set values
Oil measurement range:0 - 40 ppm all types
Resolution:1 ppm
Accuracy oil + solids:within +/- 5ppm as per IMO requirements
Solids discrimination:100ppm Iron Oxide
Oil alarm 1 & 2 setpoint:1 - 15 ppm user adjustable
Oil alarm 1 delay:0 - 5 seconds user adjustable
Oil alarm 2 delay:0 - 600 seconds user adjustable
Alarm contacts:2 single pole Alarm Relays 5A @ 230Vac (NC in alarm)
User Interface 
LCD display:4 line x 16 alphanumeric back lit LCD display
Control + Setup:3 button keypad
Input / Output 
Analogue output:24v loop powered 4-20mA / 0 - 20mA
Communications:RS232 protocol
Power and Relay Cable terminals:up to 2.5mm2
Analogue Out 
Cable terminals:up to 1.5mm2
Switch inputs:2 x switch inputs for separator & flow status up to 1.5mm2
Data Storage and Retrieval 
Calibration data:Stored onboard microcontroller
Storage data:Stored on board mounted memory media
Data retrieval:via LCD display or download to PC with Hyperterminal
Environmental & Sample 
Ambient temperature:-10 to +60oC
Sample / clean water temperature:+1 to +60oC
Sample / clean water flow rate:0.5 - 4.0 litres / min
Sample / clean water pressure:0.1 bar - 10 bar
Sample / clean water select:3 way universal solonoid valve
Sample pipe fittings:1/4 inch BSPP
System and Supply 
Supply voltage:115 / 230V ac, 50 - 60Hz (24V ac available)
Supply voltage Consumption:< 50 VA including solenoid valve
Protection class:IP 65
Approvals:IMO MEPC 107 (49) and Class approval from DNV, NKK, GL + USCG.
Overall Dimensions - mm:289 (w) X 205 (h) X 149 (d)

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Rivertrace Engineering (RTE) SMART Bilge 15PPM

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Rivertrace Engineering (RTE) SMART Bilge 15PPM