Methane (CH4) Calibration Gas

Methane (CH4) Calibration Gas

Methane (CH4) Calibration Gas is a crucial component in ensuring the accurate performance of flammable gas detectors, particularly in industries where safety is paramount, such as the marine industry. Methane itself is a colorless, odorless, and highly flammable gas, identified by the chemical formula CH4. As the main constituent of natural gas, methane’s relative abundance on Earth makes it an appealing fuel source, despite the challenges associated with capturing and storing it due to its gaseous state under normal temperature and pressure conditions. Naturally occurring methane is found both below ground and under the seafloor, with the largest reservoir existing in the form of methane clathrates. Atmospheric methane, a result of methane reaching the surface and entering the atmosphere, has experienced a significant increase of about 150% since 1750. This emphasizes the importance of accurate detection and monitoring.

Methane calibration gas, available in various mixtures, comes in convenient 34L/58L/110L disposable cans, making it easily accessible for calibration purposes. The product is IMPA listed, ensuring compliance with international standards, and boasts traceability to NIST standards. With a certificate of analysis accompanying each gas can, users can be confident in the precision and reliability of their calibration process. This calibration gas is specifically designed to meet the needs of flammable gas detectors, providing a vital tool for maintaining safety protocols, especially in marine applications where accuracy is critical.

Available volumes of cans: 34L / 58L / 110L

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Methane (CH4) Calibration Gas

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Methane (CH4) Calibration Gas