Nitrogen (N2) Calibration Gas

Nitrogen (N2) Calibration Gas

Nitrogen (N2) Calibration Gas is an essential tool in the maritime industry for calibrating gas detectors, ensuring accurate readings and maintaining safety standards on marine vessels. Designed to meet the specific requirements of various marine gas detectors, this calibration gas is indispensable for professionals operating in the maritime sector. Packaged in convenient 34L/58L/110L disposable cans, the Nitrogen Calibration Gas offers practicality and ease of use. Its International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) listing underscores its suitability for marine applications, reflecting compliance with industry standards and regulations. The gas comes with traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards, assuring users of its accuracy and reliability.

For added assurance, each can of Nitrogen Calibration Gas is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, providing a detailed breakdown of its composition and adherence to specified standards. This hard-copy certificate enhances transparency and documentation, supporting compliance efforts and regulatory requirements. In the maritime industry, where gas detection is critical for safety and environmental protection, the Nitrogen Calibration Gas stands as a dependable solution. Whether aboard ships, offshore platforms, or marine facilities, this calibration gas ensures that gas detectors are finely tuned to respond accurately, safeguarding lives and the marine environment.

Available volumes of cans: 34L / 58L / 110L

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Nitrogen (N2) Calibration Gas

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Nitrogen (N2) Calibration Gas