Mr. Marine Bake Off Challenge

Bake Off Challenge

At Mr. Marine, we stimulate cooperation and healthy competition, always looking forward to activities that contribute to building stronger relationships within the team! This month we organised a unique challenge for our people.

Mr. Marine members put their baking skills into practice for the title “Bake Off Champion 2022”. Every member had the opportunity to participate by baking a dessert for the competition. We were impressed by the talents of our team, which proved to be excellent not only in ensuring the safety of the vessels worldwide but also in cooking delicious desserts. All the participants invested much effort into their cakes, which were impressive in their complexity, appearance and, most importantly, taste.

Eight cakes entered the competition, evaluated by the other team members based on their taste, presentation, complexity, and general impression. The choice was difficult due to the variety of the cakes and their extraordinary taste. Still, the team voted, and the winning cake was Cielo di Ewelina baked by Ewelina Barbosa. Three other top cakes were selected, obtaining a high preference score from the team: Banoffee by Sjoerd Beärda, Pecan Pie by Shikin Jaafar, and Islak Cake by Yagmur Kantar. We congratulate all participants of this challenge!

At Mr. Marine, the team is one of our key values. We work on building a friendly, comfortable, and inclusive environment for our members. We cherish the contribution of each member and make sure our team feels appreciated and valued. We show

up for each other, act with empathy, and have an open environment where we share information transparently and respectfully. We take nothing for granted.

We look forward to the next editions of the “Bake-Off Challenge”, excited to discover the extraordinary baking skills of our people!

If you want to become part of our team, check out our open positions.

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